Galaxy S10 Camera Review | WE LOVE THIS ONE

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Taking the S10 for its first test drive in the California SUN! Let us know in the comments if you are loving the colors from this camera!

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Moment says:

Comment below if you see Nile's tan line

Mr. M says:

what is the best picture ratio?

Krzysztof 24 says:

even the camera is good, but Google Pixel 3 xl is better

brianonlinenl says:

Sadly with the latest android Pie update, Samsung has REMOVED pro mode for video. As a result, you can now no longer adjust ISO, manual focus, white balance, etc. when recording videos. I'm a huge Samsung fanboy, but that was an insanely stupid mistake. In 2019, we want to make vlogs, travel videos, festival videos, social media videos. We don't need a camcorder-ish video with autofocus jumping all over the place. Thus, I will NOT be upgrading to the S10+…

Night Creeper says:

I want that van

Bruno Perruci says:

S10 or Pixel 3? Which one did you prefer?

Patrick Guerra says:

How did the colors hold up in editing??

Андрей Коновалов says:

Подскажите что за песня music на 9:48????))))

Sathiadev says:

The super steady video uses the wide angle and crops in ,so I really want to see the the wide angle lens attracted on wide angle lens shooting a super steady video….so would we get a wide angle super steady video?

Instagamrr - It's all Pun and Games! says:

Omg you guys are so cute. Wholesome content

Ahsan Sheikh says:

Which one is good s10+ or iphone xs camera ??🤔🤔🤔

Salvatore Anzalone says:

What a bunch of hipsters.
Joking aside, great review

Glenn Snyder says:

If I bought phones just for the camera I'd buy it, but I don't

Mike Kostial says:

I can't get my zoom to work when using the Moment App with my Moment 58mm or the Wide Angle Lens on my Samsung Galaxy Note8. Do you know what I need to do to get the zoom function to work? Thank you

sosuabeach says:

So if you add a moment wide angle lens to the S10 wide angle, does it become ultra wide?

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