Galaxy Note 9 Detailed Camera Review!

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Galaxy Note 9: Most Detailed Camera Review On The Planet! Hello everyone and welcome to my most detailed camera review on the planet of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. In this video we dive deep into everything concerning the camera on the Note 9 with 8 minutes of hardware and software and over 15 minutes of photos day, night, and video samples. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 features a dual 12MP OIS 4K60FPS Variable Aperture F1.5-F.2.4 camera.. The Front is an 8MP Camera that can record up to 1440p. The intentions of this video is to help those deciding to buy the Note 9 if it has what your looking for in the camera department. It is in the top cameras on a smartphone today! Share your thoughts, experiences, opinions and enjoy 🙂 Any further questions, comments, concerns, feedback, suggestions, please be sure to go ahead and post that down below in the comment section of this video. As always thank you for watching and be sure to be well and peace 🙂

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Nick Ackerman says:

Galaxy Note 9: Most Detailed Camera Review On The Planet! Snapping pictures and videos for over 3 weeks with the Note 9 and learning the camera, here is my most in depth analysis with the bulk of the video being samples! If you have a Note 9 share your experiences, and questions, comments, concerns, drop them below! ENJOY 🙂

SOFTWARE 3:178:32

Suresh Steven says:

Note 9 price is dropping pretty rapidly. I got it for bout 750 bucks. I double checked it with samsung and its a genuine one. But i'm quite shocked with the camera quality, it's quite bad and the reviews says its great. So im wondering if samsung secretly cutting corners replacing its camera with a cheaper lower quality camera in order to bring down the price of the phone? Anyone know this?

sintu sintu says:

did u use flash On for taking night pictures or flash is off?
in my note 9 if i take pictures with flash On then left side of the pic shows so much whiteness than of the right side of the pic.this is the only problem.other than this all is same as its shown in the video.

Antinomy says:

Wow, you really look like a third brother between Steph and Seth Curry

Ali Al Badi says:

my friend, I have annoying issues in my note9 camera,
when I open the camera I don't find the photo and video bottoms (together) instead I have the photo bottom and front camera and review bottom,, so when I decide to record video I have to scroll through to the video…. and this annoying me to much 🤯😢 , how can I fix it???

Guzz I MacLeod says:

Hey Nick would you recommend switching off HDR mode and the even optomizer?🙂👍

Siska Saraswati says:

I Love My Note 9 **Greeting from Indonesia 😍

The Average Beauty says:

Great video! I am just dissapointed, that Note 9 does not have a flash light in front. I have 2017 released Samsung On Max and it has flash in front. But anyway I bought note 9 and I am super impressed by zoom! I owned note 4 before and zoom was ok but the picture wasnt as sharp as in Note9.

Yair Arroyo123 says:

Watching on my note 9

link 100M hassan says:

In getting to yellow dots when taking pics mostly if there is a bit of light in front or a light???

Jonathan Peach says:

Has the camera quality changed at all being on One UI because I thought it took amazing pictures of people with and without flash.I’ve not taken a picture in store because the demos are running Oreo still but the S9 S9 plus are running pie. Has the quality changed or the same or is it the same but just visual changes

SanFranciscoBay says:

You describe Front and Rear Facing Cameras. Which one is the Front and which one is the Rear? Is the Front the camera that is on the same side as the viewing side of the phone and the rear is on the side of the phone that does not have a screen? Or is it the other way around?

Umesh Sawkare says:

Well explained
Please compare OnePlus 6T vs Samsung galaxy note 9 Camera compare Details

alexjaljl says:

No time code needed , camera review is always 3 quarters of the way through ….

✦InfiniteLoveForSJ✦ says:

i thought youre wearing a mic on your video tests!!! the AUDIO IS SO CLEAR AND CRISP! DEFINITELY HAVING THIS PHONE!

Ahmedon Al-Dahbali says:

Watching on my new note 9 which I finally got yesterday

Jan youtube channel says:

Is it snapdragon version?

B Abdullah says:

So the front camera doesn't take sharp photos? but I've just ordered one 😭😭😭 shall I cancil my order?

Yen Gonzaga says:

I just have note 9 now and sadly i dont know the best settings for camera and videos😭😭😭😭😭 am not tech savy

Joan Crawford says:

How do I take photos with the secondary camera?

เฉลิมชัย พิกุลทอง says:

Can take pictures very beautiful Note 9

AceBaby295 says:

Note 9 is good phone. Worth about $300. Not the $1000 my impatient ass paid.

robert haibi says:

Samsung has had GOOD cameras the passed few generations but they're severely lagging behind the GREAT cameras on the Pixels and iPhone. Extremely slow shutter speed results in image destroying motion blur in most lower light images. Front facing camera is also lacking. They always perform well in low light, they just need to go back to square one to compete with what's out there now.

Julie Salcedo says:

should I buy the note 9 or should I wait for the note 10 to be release? Help 😭

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