Galaxy Note 10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max Camera Comparison Test!

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Here is the Galaxy Note 10 Plus Camera comparison with the iPhone XS Max! Note 10 plus vs iPhone XS Max Camera is a highly requested camera test everyone asked for so let me know who you think won! Note 10 camera and Note 10 plus camera review coming soon, More Galaxy Note 10 Plus camera comparisons also upoloading including Note 9! Do you want a full Galaxy Note 10 Plus vs iPhone XS Max or just more on the Galaxy Note 10 Camera?

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iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy Note 10 Plus or iPhone XS vs Note 10?


Danny Winget says:

Who won? Team Galaxy or Team Apple?

Azizur Rahman says:

Samsung galaxy is the biggest brand in the world…note 10 plus camera king….

luck says:

note10 great…

Jean Grey says:

Iphone no doubt is the best

johndoe says:

A tie lmao. Dude the 10 looked incredible

Eduardo Sanders says:

El iPhone 💪💪💪💪

Sameerudeen says:

Note 10+ is Outstanding

Masood Saleem says:

iPhone pictures looks more real and cooler to eyes.
Note10+ pic are more over saturated.


Better camera on iPhone. 10+is oversharped, overcontrasted with sometimes unrealistic and inaccurate colors. Also at night iphone has not noise but is Darker than 10+(i prefer dark instead of noise).I prefer mic of iPhone, video and slo mo but I give the stabilization to 10+.In overall iPhone wins

Ashrimoy Banerjee says:

Galaxy Note 10+

Ramesh Kumar says:

iPhoneXsMax definitely edge over the note10+

Beast Sohail says:

Team galaxy is best

راقي فكر says:

Note 10 Plus 👑

Ankit Pal says:

Wait for Iphone 11

Habeeb Cp says:

iPhone better

Mr. Low-key - san says:

I'm impressed with the ffc black and white background and color foreground separation well done Samsung.

Alexander A says:

Since this is an android fan base reviewer, the Note wins 😂😂😂😂

Solution department says:

Note 10 far better then iphone x max

Kid Oman says:

Note 10 just trumped iphone!!

Harry Pattinson says:

iPhone always best

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