Full Review of Canon G16 PowerShot Point-and-Shoot Camera

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RC says:

I can't hear you

dolphinvenom says:

does anyone else find that the image quality of the pictures get compromised when transferring from the camera to the smart phone as compared to the images transferred directly from the SD card to the computer?

Problem Slayer says:

Not really a 'full review' and often you repeated what was mentioned in your other 'tour' video. Full reviews of cameras often contain specifics regarding camera performance. Something which was largely missing in this video. In the case of the G16, this is likely to be a camera that photographers would use as part of their gear portfolio, something quick to use in situations where using a dslr is either not practical or not necessary. So it would have been appropriate to compare performance of the G16 with some dslr's, especially aps-c crop bodies to see what the shortcomings are and also where in fact the G16 does well compared with them. Disappointed.

Kyla Shim says:

Is this a DSLR camera?

Laura Bartha says:

hello, it is normal that before the shooting it is clicking quite loud, while doing the autofocus? I've just bough it used.

Luis Dudamel says:

Can you view AND transfer RAW files to smartphone directly from camera?

Josh Doyle says:

does the screen flip

Guilherme Dias says:

Nice review

Ron Kalvaitis says:

I'm thinking of upgrading to this from the G12 or maybe go to the full size sensor version. I'm disappointed that it doesn't seem to have the flip up / flip down / flip side ways / backwards screen which I found VERY useful on the G12.

ThePlushNinja says:

This or Panasonic LX7?

Line Veiga says:

Hi! I was wondering if I can have unfocused background (like a 50 mm lense)! I intend to buy this one because of the price but I really need this kind of images! Thank you in advance

auxmike says:

Great job! I was just by the Alamo yesterday too!
Will this camera work with the larger dslr flashes by canon?

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