Full Frame vs Crop Sensor Comparison for Beginner Photographers

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Have you ever wondered if you should get a full frame or a crop sensor camera? Bringing you another instructional photography tutorial for beginner photographers out there! I am shooting with 2 different cameras: a full frame Canon 5D Mark IV and a crop sensor Canon 80D at two different price points. I am so so excited to be partnered with KEH Camera on this tutorial! I have been buying from KEH and I absolutely love their services. They are where I bought my replacement Minolta X370 from! It’s a reliable option for purchasing AND selling your used camera gear. All of the items on their website are throughly inspected for quality and each listing is graded, you can see the different lens option conditions (for example: excellent and like-new). Even before this video when I purchased from KEH my film camera arrived very fast, which I was pleasantly surprised to find!

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Canon 5D Mark IV https://bit.ly/30IYYfJ
Canon 80D https://bit.ly/2Y9ktbF
Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 Lens https://bit.ly/2SnS8ZQ

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Jessica Whitaker says:

i'm curious to know, do you CURRENTLY shoot with a full frame camera or a crop? let me know what specific camera down below 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

Vegsthetti says:

i just use a crop sensor. i use nikon d5500 and it works for all my needs perfectly. was only 500 for the body and i cannot complain. it took me a while to learn how to get the best out of the quality of my images but you definitely dont need full frame

Noealz Photo says:

If I ever had to start photography all over, I would probably just get a crop sensor and a speed booster :3

Manny Class says:

8:53 80D definitely looks out of focus compared to M4 :/

Erin M says:

Okay…first off this video is so beautiful to watch. On top of that it's super helpful information!

Amanda Daniels says:

Great video. The 80D focus looked soft to me & the colors were off. I would be curious to see how the difference would be in low light.

Jilliane Kristina says:

i’m a nikon d850 shooter but i still loveee these camera and lens comparison videos! 🙂 have you thought about comparing between brands?

David Lugo says:

Great comparison! I am currently using the Canon T7i crop sensor. I think the main reason I want to upgrade to full frame once I figure out my life is for the better glass.

Martin Hernandez says:

Great video and information. Just lower that fps lol. Its really unnecessary IMO

Alana Sitara says:

omg i’m literally trading my 70d for a 6d this week and everyone has been asking me what the difference is. now i can send them this video!!! jessica can read minds haha

Taryn LeMoine says:

Such a helpful and informative video, thank you so much! I currently shoot on a crop sensor, but have been doing a lot of research on full frames and trying to decide if/when/what I want to upgrade to, so this was super insightful!

luka.vidovic says:

i shoot with d5300 from nikon and i just bought 85mm 1.8 and its not the best combo in the world its hard to get the good composition but it still creates beautiful images

Nori Casillas says:

Your energy gives me so much life!! Lol I love your videos so much

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