Full frame vs Crop sensor | A REAL WORLD COMPARISON!

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In this video, I shoot with a full frame and crop sensor camera to compare the final images and the results are pretty surprising (Not really) From the portrait test I did, I was able to get nearly identical results from both camera setups. I am going to include some of the more technical info below!

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Jacky Nguyen says:

I bought a cropped camera, just because of its weight 😂😂. But, seriously, I am very happy with my choice 😙😙 as I often travel a lot and kinda lazy to carry so many gears with me 😎. A beginner said.

Daniyal Ahmad says:

Thats true, I shot pictures from Nikon D3100, Canon 1300D and edit them .. no one guessed that they were of a crop sensored beginner level cameras. however, the lenses I used were Nikon 50mm 1.8G and Canon 50mm 1.5, respectively.

Praveen Sharma says:

You are seriously real and well educated pro!!! bro

Dariusz Xxx says:

Very nice video…
I’m looking for nice camera in no more than 2000 dollars – that’s my budget and I’m looking only for brand new ones. I like to make portraits, boudoir pictures and generally indoor and outdoor pic of people. I can’t afford for two cameras so that will be my also travel Camera. I will use mostly for photos however I do videos as well so have to be something versatile. I’m thinking about LUMIX g9. What do you think, what would be your opinion, advice?Would you recommend something else?
Best regards from London

DR.VIDEO says:

I want to upgrade to NIKON d610 from NIKON D3200 because of better ISO.ISO is very very important if you compare DX vs FX.

Charbel Salem says:

Terrible video. Just tell us you wanted to make a video about those shots that were meant to get you more followers on instagram. When you’re doing such a comparison, crop and full don’t really compare using such compositions/scenes. Go for wide landscape photography, and low light comparing base isos then you’ll show the difference


What camera did you use to record the video?

Candy Boy says:

This is soo close considering that full frame is always about twice the price

Hypnosis Praxis says:

Thank you for that honest video!!!

vlad.banter says:

ставлю лайк , хорошо пояснил

Yung wheelie-bin says:

I think full frame has better bokeh..

Chris S says:

Handling/ergonomics – A7 series feels better in the hand. Evf placement.

Surya Christian says:

what aps-c lens do you use in this video ?? tell us

Jean Cadet says:

To close to call. I have a Nikon DX crop sensor, and I use full frame lenses on it and the results are amazing. It does come down to the lenses.

KeithCanisius says:

More color depth on the full frame

Candiani Photography says:

to me the biggest difference is 14mm is 14mm etc but I use both cuz the crop in a 200mm is a tighter shoot but a 14mm is wider in full frame thats the main reason , and as far as why the full ? well 1dx 120!! thats why

Zeman says:

Did You make this video by A6500? or A7R3? anybody know?

Clitorious B.I.G. says:

but i need it!

Anton Messina says:

thanks man, appreciate the knowledge! 🙏

Rascal Man says:

I don't feel I have the qualifications to comment here… though I've been taking people's money for decades now, who seem willing to pay me for my photos? It always shocks me a bit when I get the check… because I really don't know what I'm doing and I've never tried too hard figure it out. It seems as though many of the photographers I've met get very wrapped up in the technology and the science of gadgets. These guys and ladies are really smart people, for sure. For me, this seems a right brain left brain thing. I just love images, faces young, old, mountains, babies, trees, sunsets and so on. Beauty… that's all I care about and I try and find it in every shot I take… so I keep shooting until I think I've captured something reminiscent of that. Sometimes that's the first shot… sometimes the 500th. I know, it's crazy! And I have no idea why. But I know it when I see it. Oh, btw… I love post. Let me say that again… I LOVE post-processing. Because that is where the photo comes alive and speaks to me. Where the beauty be-comes. I was looking at some photos today I shot 7 years ago. I found one that caught my eye that I missed back then among the 300+ I took of her then. I spent 3 hours messing around with it… I don't care what technical magic of science meeting light, hardware, and software brought this about when I originally released the shutter. I just fell in love again, that moment. With the image, the subject, the story and this thing called photography… yeah all over again. Gadgets be damned.

Trabelsi Marwen says:

is it necessary to put hot big boobs in the footage ?

Jão says:

That was inspiring for sure! Nice words and thanks for the motivation!

Bgvolley says:

Hey im upgrading from a6000 to ??? What ??? im on budget going for second hand camera i have the 28-70 Sony kit lens and thiss is what i will be using for the next camera. Im shooting both stills and video should i go for the A7II ? bigger sensor image stabilisation in body or should i go for the 4k better video performance and auto focus system on the A6300 ? Also will be used with AF adapter for canon lenses , my choice for potrait and street and low light situation 50mm STM f 1.8 LET ME KNOW !!! IS THE a7II worse in video than the A6000 ??? THAAAANKS !

Sarvesh Parakh says:

You make a very good point. Certainly, for someone just starting out, a full frame is not at all needed. But as you develop your skills, you come to realise there are bits missing. That you can do much more and your camera is holding you back (not the lens). For a beginner, the right time to switch is when this feeling, that you can do much more but your camera is the limiting factor, eats you everyday for at least 1 week of continuous work. It’s not the camera that matters, but there are certainly breathtaking differences between full frame and crop sensor. One biggest difference is the type of people you deal with. Clients often have a specific mentality about camera models. The 5D M3 for example made such an impact in the country I live in, that almost every client asks you if you’d be using a 5D. I have a D750 and I have it for it’s absolutely insane low light performance and dynamic range, which is far superior to 5D M3 in a practical scenario for what I shoot. But since the clients demand a 5D, I have lost projects because of my Nikon. Nonetheless, Nikon has its social advantages in other photography fields in my country, which has helped land me some nice projects relating to these fields. Same is with full frame and crop sensor. It depends on your client. If they don’t care about the gear, a crop sensor is a good point to start out. For weddings in general, people care about the gear (where I live at least) so a full frame is a must. But for controlled work like in a studio, working for local ad agencies or entrepreneurs, who don’t give a f about what you use, a crop sensor is good to start with till you feel that feeling that you can do a lot better and your camera is limiting you. This comparison video doesn’t do a practical world comparison as it states, it does a theoretical comparison assuming all clients don’t care about the gear, assuming all societies are the same, and assuming everyone is a beginner. For a practical comparison, study your working environment and clients and their mindsets. Happy shooting.

Bergwacht says:

please dont bomb me.

By'tl Solomon says:

I shot my pet capuchin … and …

Zehnstern Astrologie says:

Thanks for the video. I bought a full frame because I have money and like to spend it.

Miro Vida says:

Should have used F1.2 on the crop v F1.8 on FF

Sathyameva Jayathe says:

Subscribed to your channel !!👍

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