Full frame & crop sensor Camera | Difference,Comparison sensor size | Hindi Photography | Episode 13

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In this Hindi photography tutorial, we talk about different camera sensor sizes. We talk about the differences between full frame sensors, crop sensor and micro four thirds sensor.We also talk about the differences between full frame vs crop sensor and crop factor in digital sensors.

Learn photography in Hindi and English with GMax Studios.

This is Episode 13 of our ongoing series of videos related to photography in Hindi.

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The link of this video: https://youtu.be/kQvKwnH-wJw


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Ashvin Borad says:

apka mob.
num dijiye

Argha Chowdhury says:

Hi Mr. Max, I am going to buy my first DSLR and am perplexed by a lot of things. First, I want to jumpstart with Nikon 5000 series as I have seen my friends using 3000 series and complaining that their pictures are not vivid. I have shortlisted D5600, but for prime lens with autofocus I'll have to buy 50mm f1.8G which is twice the price of regular 50mm f1.8. Moreover, D5600 has crop sensor, so to get true 50mm f1.8 output I'll actually have to buy 35mm f1.8 lens. If I progress to a full frame camera in the distant future, both 50mm f1.8G and 35mm f1.8 lenses will be useless as these are makeshift arrangements to work with crop sensor. On the other hand, full frame camera is definitely beyond my budget. Do you think it'll be a wiser to invest in a full frame camera so that the lenses I buy can deliver value over a longer period of time? Or do you think crop sensor camera and it's lenses will not be obsolete in the next 5-8 years? If you think I should buy full frame, can you please recommend an entry-level but decent model?


I really enjoyed your excellent presentations. Great. Suggest me a good tripod not very expensive but equipped with panorama shoots. Why not a presentation.


THANKS Sirji Great information and practical knowledge !


You are great sir love you…..

Suresh _fotos says:

Sir i have a doubt if we use 50mm prime in crop sensor camera then the focal length will equal to 75 or 80mm, what about the f.stop it remaims the same f1.8?

sammy b says:

2:442:46 It's not funny. Just look at his face. Dead Honest.

Imtiyaz Khan says:

Fantastic sir g you a great men in the world


Great information about camera frames. God bless you!

abhi Jadhav says:

Sir sony का colour सायन्स कैसा है

Sukumar Pandit says:

Hi I feel the Video was quite helpful in understanding the concept

kavit kasundra says:

Sir ap great hoo…..

Sayan Chowdhury says:

Sir awesome video

mgm says:

Excellent information sir… Thaknyou sir ji, just subscribed

Incredible INDIAN says:

The best information related to photography ,given on YouTube

Akash Verma says:

Your last line is really practical…" technical specifications ki depth me jaane se behtar hai hum log Tasveere zyada khiche..*

anil dhurandhar says:

बेहतरीन जानकारी 👌👌👌👌

HADI Tech says:

Wedding photography k liye 6d acha hy ya 80d canon

Bharat Ghelani says:

thanks a lot

nida qureshi says:

sir pls help me i want to knw what is tricks or Setting for using FLASH/Elinchrome lights without KILLING Ambient Color

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