Fujifilm XH1 Real World Camera Review

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We take the Fujifilm XH1 to the Lake District to put it to the test in this real world review with a landscape photography flavour.

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The Fujifilm XH-1 is Fuji’s new flagship mirrorless camera and sits above the XT2 in the Fuji lineup. It has the same 24mp crop sensor as the XT2 so we know the sensor is capable of capturing some great images.

Many of us need a camera to be rugged and reliable and that’s exactly what this camera is. The all new metal chassis feels rock solid and it’s weather sealed so when the rain starts, we don’t have to stop. One of the big benefits of mirrorless cameras is they can be smaller and more compact than a DSLR. This in part led to popularity of the XT2, especially amongst landscape photographers because weight and size really matters when hiking in the wilderness.

It might seem odd then that Fuji have gone in the opposite direction and made this camera bigger than its predecessor, but I don’t think so. It’s still significantly lighter than a pro DSLR body so weight is still being saved over most pro cameras. However the bigger size makes it much more comfortable in the hand, especially with the optional battery grip. The comfort adds versatility and makes this camera a genuine option for photographers working with their camera all day like wedding and street photographers. It seems to be a genuine all rounder.

One of the big selling points of this new mirrorless camera is the new in body 5 axis image stabilisation. Image stabilisation has never excited me when it comes to stills but it absolutely does when it comes to video. The system works really well to smooth out your shot and also breaths some new life into older lenses you might have lying around that don’t have IS.

This camera is a bit of a beast when it comes to video and I’ve been very impressed. It shoots 4K, it can do 120fps at 1080p and has loads of built in video presets to vary the look of your footage including a log mode. I’ve settled for the new ETERNA film mode that mimics the look of that film but still leaves me with plenty of room for post production if I need it. Aside from that I’ve just been hugely impressed by the sheer quality of the video image. It looks sharp and punchy and just looks really good and is on a par with the Canon 5D mark iv.

An external microphone can also be attached and a really nice feature is the ability to set microphone gain separately for the built in mic and an external mic so you don’t need to adjust it every time you plug a mic in.

So will this be replacing my DSLR. To be honest, not at the moment. It’s very close though and I have been very impressed with the Fujifilm XH1. I have absolutely loved shooting witht the Fuji X-H1 today and I feel it’s definitely better than the lower end DSLR’s and also better than the Canon 6D Mark ii that I reviewed the other week They are very similarly priced.

It’s not the perfect camera, there are slight annoyances like the lack of a built in bulb timer and the touch screen is not as useful as it could be but the biggest issue for me is the cropped sensor. It is a good sensor but it’s just not full frame. Like all cropped sensors any noise that is present looks harsh and kills the sharpness and you lose some dynamic range. That might not matter to you but when you think the new full frame Sony A7R Mark iii is just around the corner, at a pretty similar price, personally I would need to try that out first before finally making the leap to mirrorless.

Anyway this is still a very nice camera and I have had a great time using today here in the absolutely stunning Lake District. If you decided to buy I don’t think you would be sorry.

I’ll put more information down in the description and Please subscribe if you enjoyed this video, I have more reviews coming up and I’ll be out again next week for another landscape photography vlog. leave a comment down below with your thoughts or questions about the camera and I’ll see you another one very soon



Kris S says:

Thanks for your entertaining and helpful videos. Actually, I have hesitations between buying an X-T2 or an X-H1, as an outdoor all weather/seasons camera, for animals and also action pics, such as ski or mountain bike.
Acoording to you, and based on your proper experience, which one could match my needs ?
Thanks in advance.

Christophe (from France…apologize for my rubbish english).

David Ex in Borneo says:

This camera reminds me of my Nikon F4. Which in its day was awesome. Very few reject pictures!

David Ex in Borneo says:

I bought an XT 10 kit with 2 xc lenses 3 years ago. Am very impressed. A few months ago I bought a 16 – 55 f2.8. XT 10 looked stupid on it!😊 Actually it kept switching itself on and off because of the weight! This week I went to my local camera shop to buy a tripod. Asked about the XH1 in the window at baht 45000. Yes I live and work in Thailand. She said body only, no battery, no card no nothing. I went ugh! And began walking off. She said 5000 baht gets you battery. I thought thats an expensive battery! Nah! It was the vertical battery grip! XH1 and grip for £1150! Been playing around and am very impressed. Love the silent shutter. Still getting used to the touch screen, have to use left eye in virw finder, which is awesome. 1 downside…… tooo big for street photography. So keeping my venerable XT 10 for that! Nice video.

Roger Kelly says:

was going so well until an advert interrupted at the critical 'settings' comment. irritating beyond belief – forgive me, but i won't be subscribing!

runbei says:

Wow, the internal mic is good! Hey mate, you ARE getting fit – keep climbing! I understand that the jerkiness while panning has been fixed with the December '18 firmware update (maybe by turning off IBIS while panning on tripod, too?).

sleepy at dawn says:

The complaints about the screen seem a bit off if I may be honest. Why would the xh1 cater to vlogger when they it's clearly a pro photographic camera, the vertical tilty screen is very useful for weddings and portraits.

John Smith says:

Screen flips sideways for verticals, pretty obvious.

BlackWire91 says:

When vloggers complain about a camera, it automatically is a potential candidate for a great camera. Great video anyways.

The Happy Hour Hound says:

Have you tried the Sony A7iii in comparison to this yet??

xiaolong Wang says:

This place is amazing!

james cook says:

Did you record this video with the xh1? Would you recommend this camera for video? What lens would you recommend? I like the 50m-140mm OIS.

Travis Etherton says:

Great video. Considering this one as a lighter replacement to a FF (D850) Nikon system. Really enjoyed the X-T2 so I am sure this one will be a bit better. Subscribed too. Thanks!

Ralph Jay Wallace says:

So sorry that you were not coordinated enough to deal with the “fiddly” retro dials on the Fuji X-H1 and not experienced enough to use a high-end APS-C camera. Sorry that with ALL the options it offers, it does not fit your personal vlogging requirements. By the way, that is a great, functional LCD screen. I’m sure the $33,000 Hasselblad H6D-100c Medium Format camera will meet your pedestrian insular needs. — Ralph

Nilkantha Debnath says:

Is it 35 mm

Greg Jaskiewicz says:

I use X-t100 on daily basis, for street and landscape photography. It's amazing. Fujifilm is really good camera manufacturer. Still uses Sony sensors, like most other cameras out there.

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