Fujifilm XF10 Review | An Affordable APS-C Point and Shoot Camera

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Coming off the super popular Fujifilm X70, the new Fujifilm XF10 is here to take on the baton. The Fujifilm XF10 is equipped with a huge APS-C sensor and boasts high quality imagery (+ a bit of video) for a affordable price point. Andrew takes the Fujifilm XF10 out to see whether it lives up to the legacy of the X70.
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Georges CamerasTV says:

Anyone else about that point and shoot life? Let us know what'd you'd use the XF10 for?
Purchase the Fujifilm XF10 today: https://bit.ly/2VIJd5W

kingcrux31 says:

No hot shoe? No problem. I attached a triple cold shoe mount on my XF10 and now I can add an external mic along with a LED light for videos.

duanemcclun says:

This is the first time I've watched your channel. A nice thought out video! How would you compare the XF10 to the newly released Ricoh GRiii?
Again nice video!

Adzimin Amin says:

Been using my XF10 on and off since September. Few things I wish the camera had differently, ranked:
1) Top of the list: Acros film preset 🙁
2) Higher auto ISO range particularly given the lens' low light issues; the max auto you could go to is 6400 (without auto you could go as high as 51200).
3) Never had a GR but the GR line's full press snap focus mechanism sounds awesome.
4) More snapshot mode options, e.g. 1.5m, 3.5m, etc.
5) Permanent option for the built-in teleconverter; afaik the setting resets everytime you switch the camera off. Of course there's the option of setting one of the programmable buttons/rings to cycle through 28/35/50mm but I'd rather not have to change it everytime.

Fellow Citizen says:

XF10's advantage over the X70 is that it is much lighter.
When I looked into getting a large-sensor pocket camera, I was initially looking just at size. Pretty quickly I noticed two things:
–  very small cameras with small yet longer lenses were less portable and have lower quick-draw capacity than slightly larger yet flatter cameras; and
– if the camera is too heavy, it ruins the lines of your clothes or gathers too much kinetic swing while dashing about.

This XF10 is closer to the GR's weight.

The snap focus, 4K15 burst and pre-burst are clever ways of getting around the low-powered processor and thermal implications of the small chassis.

The X70's tilt screen was very appealling, however, it factored into the weight, and the X-T20/X-T30 are alternatives which are also quite small.

The new GR III arrives soon. It is sharper and much more refined, however it is also more expensive and the output doesn't match with Fuji system cameras (though some may prefer this as a complementary film stock.) The new GR loses the built-in flash, so some G.R.-istas may buy the XF10 for flash alone if it's cheap enough.
(Leaf shutter + flash allows daylight separation effects which standard cameras cannot achieve.)

Wowie Inciong says:

Nice review📷

のぢGrey says:

5m on a 28mm equiv seems faaaaaaarrrr. 1.5m and 3m would make more sense to me. This seems like something I would get though. That f2.8 makes the x100 more attractive.

Raf rrévalo says:

I love mine. couldn't be happier (XT3 owner)

The Rebel Soul says:

LX 10 or XF10. Please Suggest me to buy.

Golfbug says:

I think you forgot to mention about the built-in teleconverter. I am curious about the IQ of the images in 35 and 50 mm. Thanks.

MG says:

What is the firmware version?

Roham Rasai says:

X70 was a product in the right direction. It needed some little finetuning and that was all. Instead, they come out with a semi-finished product like xf10. At the same time Fuji will not create anything that can compete against the x100 series, and thats fully understandable. For me, they could just as well dropped xf10 and give the marked to Ricoh GR

Pishi A says:

I just got mine for $360.05 and I could not be happier!

Noealz Photo says:

looks pretty nice and glad it fits in the pocket

Michael Nylif says:

Nice Video!

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