Fujifilm XF10 Hands-on Review

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The Fujifilm XF10 is a compact, lightweight compact camera, packed full of classic Fujifilm simulations, but is it worth the $649.99 price tag? Dave and Evelyn explore the feature set while wandering downtown Calgary and while documenting The Camera Store owners Peter Jeune, Julian Ferreira, and designer Steve Speer getting inked with the store logo.

Camera: http://www.thecamerastore.com/13850-Fujfilm-XF10.aspx

TCSTV Videography by:
Brendan Schmidt

Music provided by BeatSuite.com

Dave: @tcstvdave
Ev: @tcstvev

Evelyn’s Hair is styled by:
Diana Ferreira: http://www.lavahairsalon.com/


Adrina The Great says:

Why is there another pixel size war going on, if you need 24mp for cropping, just opt for a camera with a longer focal length.
Comparing 16mp Apsc with 24mp Apsc sensors in cameras with identical lenses I've found the 16mp sensors always win in lower light situations, even though they are mainly several years older

NikTheGeek says:

Have you had chance to look at it on the latest firmware? I don't think the autofocus is that bad at all.

News says:

The camera is over priced for useless AF

Brian Washburn says:

How does this camera compare to the Ricoh GR II?

Marc Wielaert says:

I swapped my 2nd hand Ricoh GR II and I'm very pleasantly surprised by the Fujifilm XF10. It might be a bit heavier, it's more compact – and it's the only other pocketable compact boasting an APS-C sensor. ISO performance is WAY better than that of the GR II. I had the X-70 in the past as well, the XF10 is a lot lighter (don't understand why the X-70 never really became popular though).

As far as "hunting" is concerned ("AF sluggishness" as mentioned below), just stop using CF (continuous focus) if you don't really need it and choose single focus – the difference is noticeable immediately . I wondered why the reviewers didn't think of that, although I gotta admit there doesn't seem to be any logic in how the continuous focus actually works (also hunting if nothing's moving) – there a firmware update could be useful. No doubt, the Ricoh GR II is easier, faster or at least more intuitive to change settings and AF is a bit faster in general, but switching to single focus really helps on the XF10, and after you've done so the difference is negligible.

Ricoh GR II lacks a touchscreen which works like a charm on the XF10 and although the GR II's 16MP sensor is a great performer, details from the XF10 with a newer 24MP sensor are much better (if you like or need that). I also love the fact the XF10 doesn't have a lens coming out (so there's not risk of sucking dust to the sensor, as on the GR-series in general).

A detail to many maybe, but the XF10 uses micro-SD cable to charge, which I really prefer over what you need for the GR. In general I'm really happy and concerning the XF10 comes at a much lower price point than the GR II, let alone GR III, I think the Fujifilm really is the typical bang for your buck deal. I could go on forever sharing my enthusiasm about this little machine, I'll keep it at this for now 🙂

stephen heraldo says:

Why doesn't anyone know what a stepper motor AF mechanism is?

train.tram.bus says:

I purchased this little camera for lazy days. I've been real surprised how good it is. I've not got the Rioch so it could be better however I really happy with mine and I attached my Fuji XF10 Album on flickr which you may find interesting. All the shot are in JPEG because my editing software (Affinity) does not develop Fuji RAW. By the way I'm an Amateur photographer with nobody to please. Hey! Photography should be fun! https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/albums/72157708191657104

Joan Delisse says:

I tested this camera also. I was very disappointed that a camera with this sensor could be so bad. I would go for a smaller 1 inch. The dynamic range was particularly disappointing. Just bad.

Raoni Franco says:

Hello! Thanks for the video! Can you please write something about the manual focus using the front ring? Because I want to know if at anytime I have trouble with the auto focus I can rely on the manual focus and use something like focus peaking. Thanks for the attention!

Paul Nadin says:

Would have been very useful to demo the lag in snap focus to help people decide for themselves.

Nicola Albano says:

raw 12 or 14 bit? thanks

Rick Corel says:

Evelyn sucks… Talks like she got something in her mouth…

Rick Corel says:

barely can hear you.

Iwan Ng says:

Ugh… The autofocus ia sluggish … Really a deal breaker. I dont care the video feature.

Gerald Garcia says:

I hope Fujifilm will release a firmware update that will fix the AF sluggishness.

Jac ReviewsStuff says:

Hotshoe and tilt screen missing

Kowabunga Dude says:

Why would you get a camera tattooed upside down on your arm? Your arm hangs down 95% of the time. LOL

News says:

The camera is overpriced for what u get

Alyn Wolf says:

Has Fuji ever made a camera that has a good autofocus? I have owned three models and have given up.

Andy Lea says:

Mine is driving me crazy ! Have owned many cameras and was really looking forward to using this one…. focussing is a pain – cannot not matter what I try turn the flash on, nor transfer ANY images to my smartphone….. First Fuji and I genuinely want to love it… but I am just not loving it yet.

Looks lovely and I truly believe it can take great images – but right now my old Nokia 1020 is winning hands down for simplicity and portability, sorry to say.

Sound Speed! says:

YAY! Finally a little compact APS-C camera with a mic input 😮

I would just run my Aputure A.Lav directly into the camera.

Sooooooooo close to being my perfect camera, except they forgot to make the screen be able to flip up 🙁

Jeremy says:

So you’re telling me THIS got a joystick, but not the X-T20? F*** me, lol. You guys rock!


The camera is temporary…The tattoo is permanent, no real need to commit to this Fuji XF10. For a few quids more, you can purchase the more efficient Xt20. Now selling for $900 USD.

Michael Torres says:

Bring back the X70!!!

george aronis says:

You guys are awesome.. Great job…

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