Fujifilm XF 8-16mm F2.8 WR LM Review

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There’s no doubt that the Fujifilm XF 8-16mm F2.8 is a beautifully built lens. It’s also quite heavy, and at £1750 / $1900 it’s a pretty serious investment. Is the expense worth it? Chris and Jordan take to the hiking trails of Alberta to answer that question.

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Ferenc Bodor says:

A friend once bought the massive tamron 15-30mm 2.8 and eventually had to sell it because it was just not made for traveling. He now is obsessed with ultra wide angles …so maybe this lens is something for his xt3, haha.

Mac Mac says:

Fuji is thrashing everybody. APS-C is just as good as the full frame with less bulk and price and better ergonomics and looks. The Medium Format is far superior.

The Emo Emu says:

It doesn't have a filter holder on the back of the lens? Seems like a good few of the newer super-wide lenses are being designed with those.

藤井樹儿 says:

i think it is more worthwhile to buy FF wide angel lens

MikRoriz says:

This review tells most of the the short comings of this XF8-16mm lens with f2.8. Yet there was no interest on showing (as in demonstrating) the benefits of the f2.8 low light, night and interiors benefits of light gathering. Or even the f2.8 full frame equivalent lens (as f2.8 light gathering) size and price, not just depth of field equivalency that I agree with what was said.
I like your reviews, see them all, but Fujifilm seem to get some tough love 🙂
To me the thing that this lens disappoints on is no OIS. If it had with the f2.8 this would be a great lens to use with most Fujifilm camera bodies for Video work.

Avg Vet says:

The lens is perfect for real estate photography. I don't know why people forget to mention that. Great lens with the x-h1.

DON LAI says:

Canada is a very beautiful place… Lots of amazing landscapes… A must go place for landscape photographers…

Mark White says:

And of course IS would have added weight, cost and possible size.

Justin Lloyd says:

Sorry, DPReview. I am no longer interested in Fujifilm. Not enough 3rd party lenses. No IBIS. Fujifilm lenses are a bit overpriced. After months of thought, reading and pricing: I made the choice to go with Olympus of all companies for my Mirrorless system. If you can go ahead and do a review of the 12-100mm Olympus lens, that would be great. Thanks for reading.

Scott Cameron says:

16mm 1.4 has bad coma for Astro.

Lin Eric says:

Got it for $1500 brand new when it was on sale. Such an amazing lens. Have to agree it’s very heavy though, most of time I’d much rather bring the samyung 12mm, I won’t even notice it’s in my bag…

Yousup Lee says:

you know, some of the points you made about the fuji 10-24mm has me really, really loving my decision to pony up the cash for my sony 16-35mm f/2.8 GM. I love shooting landscapes, and i totally think anything wider than 16mm is usually not ideal. In fact, i find myself at 20mm more often than 16mm. and the filter thread on it is indispensable i cannot stress this enough.

我是一把剑 says:

HELP me down

Deluxelex says:

beautiful landscape

Todd Webb says:

An ultra-wide lens is great for shooting interiors like churches with cathedral ceilings, not so much outdoors where a 24mm is plenty wide.

Ter Idzard says:

Hi Jordan, why don't you, instead of filming ever boring Chris talking endlessly about an even more boring lens make some creative videos together with those people: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taCoXtCgg-M&t=0s ?

Dragonstone says:

Great review as always guys. Been waiting for this one.

Wai Lam says:

Good review, wish Jordan could have chimed in on what he thought of this lens for video

Harry burnett says:

Why doesn't Fuji just go all in on all there lens with OIS , since the word is that Fuji couldn't fit ibis in the
X T3 because of size of camera

xmeda says:

Unfortunately Ricoh decided to go 11-18/2.8.. this Fuji is more interesting for APS-C. But concerning wide angle I'm pretty content with my Sigma 8-16.. it is not F2.8 obviously, but I mostly use it at F5.6+ anyway and F9-F11 for wide exterior shots.

If somebody create 8-16/4 it will be a winner. Maybe tamron or Sigma at some point..

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