Fujifilm X100V Hands-on Initial Review

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The Fujifilm X100V is finally here. We tell you everything you need to know about this new camera, and why we think Fujifilm has a winner with the X100V.
X100V full resolution sample images from this episode: https://www.dpreview.com/sample-galleries/5663186914
X100V in-depth review: https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/fujifilm-x100v-review

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Robin Pelham says:

Oh damn, they just improved with everything i wanted. I really might have to trade in my x100f after all.

George Karydis says:

Very good until you put crappy Raf files into lightroom

Jim Skinner says:

Leave Britney alone

Jeremy D says:

I was waiting for the "just kidding" in fine print after the text overlay that said this episode was shot with an X100V. 🙂

FINALLY, they upgraded the lens to something appropriate for a camera in this price point!

Nice job on the review; you guys hit on everything. I like how Chris was able to admit that 35 mm eq. just isn't for him without bashing it too much or stating as a fact that it's not wide enough, for example.

How about making a monochrome-only model that drops video, but adds IS? That'd be the last nail in Leica's coffin…

Richart Asia says:

Ouch Tooth Ache joke..

Thomas Geist says:

Anyone one know if the lens hood and adapter from a F will fit? Does the colour match? Looks like a different colour and Fuji is famous for their many shades of silver.

John Smith says:

Really tempting to upgrade!

David Norton says:

Nearly the ultimate vloggers camera only no IBIS doh!

Frankie Chong says:

I am still using my x100.

Derren Hodson says:

X-pro 3 with this screen…..perfect!

Jan Garcia says:

Hi guys!
What lighting did Jordan use for the outside street shots?

Danny Feng says:

But can you use the ND in video mode???


It's an okay camera. I love my XT2 and XT3 with Battery grip! My kinda style.

Life As A Heffelump says:

I just don’t understand why you’d buy this when you could buy an XT-3 or XT-30, get the trinity of F2 primes, and then choose one of them, and leave the other two behind to go shoot. Similar portability, more features, and the option to choose your focal length.

Guess this just really isn’t the camera for me.

Rizal Djohan says:

yeah, no D pad is a deal breaker. Nice review btw

Oe Elkhateeb says:

X100S (S for Second)
X100T (T for Third)
X100F (F for Fourth)
X100V (V for 5 in Roman)

David L says:

May I know what are the equipment used in this video?

William Inbody says:

I think Fuji is being way to conservative. There are no more big camera markets to appeal too. Rarely do you even see real cameras anymore. Small improvements are nice but not enough for someone to go through selling their old x100 to buy this…if Fuji was ever going to go FF this was the camera to start…the type of person in the marketplace who would want a film type interface on a fixed lens system is retired and traveling, doesn’t want to carry lenses but want high image quality and doesn’t really care about price. I can tell you the camera this camera is competing with is a Leica Q2 now…come on Fuji….step up….1.2 lens, macro ring, just copy Q, the display turned out good, but how about 3 million pixels, EVF has to be well above 3.6. The ND filters and leaf shutter are the appeal. Video is not necessary and will be rarely used. Body is nice but how about single piece of milled marine aluminum anodized inside and out…stay at 35mm, since Q is at 28mm to get all those buyer who think 28 is too wide. You could get $3k for the camera I just described. Be bold, cameras are a niche market now….a price point camera for the masses is a death blow.

Kato Brown says:

Watched this video on bilibili with Chinese subtitles. I have to use a VPN to connect to YouTube if I want to watch this original version. I am wondering if you’d like to set up an official account on bilibili and upload your videos? After all, it usually takes days or even weeks before your videos are uploaded to bilibili and some may never be uploaded. Really looking forward to that!

Dirty Water says:

12:41 Is the shutter speed dial really upside down? That's annoying

calahad says:

I’m so glad I haven’t pulled the trigger on the previous X100 cameras. Didn’t know the lens was so soft! :O Now it seems to be up to scratch with the rest of the Fuji lineup and I might just go for it now.

Makta972 says:

Damn what a crappy lens that 23 mm is. That's so soft ! The x100f is even worst

Makta972 says:

Boring, superficials upgrades so perfect camera for hipsters millenials etc

AcidicDelusion says:

Is this footage eterna or graded f log?

Kenny says:

Did Chris say max mechanical shutter speed at 1/2000 3:59? Am i missing something or is the max speed really at 1/4000 mechanical?

Kun Wang says:

6:55 Scratch on the back already!

Karma is Real Dude !? says:

But i think the Xpro still worth for money😬

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