Fujifilm X-T4 review: The best APS-C mirrorless camera, for a price

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The X-T4 is Fujfilm’s new flagship camera and improves on the last model in numerous ways. It now has in-body stabilization, improved autofocus, more speed and a flip-around screen. The video specs didn’t change much, but it’s still the best APS-C camera for video, too. The only real drawback to this camera is the $1,700 prices that’s higher than most other APS-C cameras.

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Ronny R says:

Your presentations are always crystal as crystals, and dont seem to be sponsored by any brand?

An Indian Solivagant. says:

Wonderful review. Fujifilm XT 4 looks like a beast !!

Which wide angle lens can be used for this camera. Any third party 10-18 or 11-22 mm lens can be used with XT 4 ??

Eric Haber says:

How do you find the xt4 raw files respond to Lightroom? I’ve heard negative things about Fuji raw files and adobe editing platforms

Nic Tanghe says:

W8 is hdr+ on this just hdri ?

Emre Cakir says:

Wtf 1700 for a apsc camera?
You can get a fullframe for that money

GoldenChicken says:

For APSC cameras, $1700 is way too much. Sony A6600 is the way to go!

james cook says:

I never had a problem with stills on the x-t4. I just hate that video wobble in the corners..🥴

Pat Ozmanov says:

Returning mine. I do more photography than video and apc just does not look as good as full frame. I am going to for canon r5

Fabio Cammalleri says:

Pentax KP is a best for price…

Frankie Mann says:

Fuji need to make more new lenses instead of cameras, all their lens are old and slow, should make more prime lenses and make it to f 1.0 and have ois WR

Caldera says:

Sony: Sweats

_ says:

This is the first video that made me not want to buy this camera.

Sam Park says:

A couple points not addressed in video:
1. XT4 has tendency to overheat shooting 4k in warm weather. Plenty documented about it now.
2. Amazing video specs hampered by Fuji lenses that were designed for photos.
3. No object tracking video AF-C.

D mitchell says:

Do you think that you could do Astro photography with the Fuji XT4?

copy paste says:

A bit expensive for an APS-C sensor. Why don't they put a FF in it? Sigma was able to put a FF in a smaller formfactor for ruffly the same price.

Ken Cox says:

Good now they just need to give us wide weather sealed lens instead of expecting us to pay for two. 1.4 none weather sealed lens is still only a 2.0 fall frame alternative, 2.0 weather sealed lens is still only 2.8 and when a 2.8 to 4 veritable image stability lens side lens lets in more light than the small 2.0 lens for me its still a toy.

Paul Jones says:

APS-C at FF Prices erm no just no dude!

camron me says:

dude the grade on this is fucking weird wtf

root9065 says:

I have first hand experience with the X-T4 and except for autofocus, it is ahead of Sony a6600 in many ways
• actual decent 6.5 stop IBIS (Sony just took the same IBIS from the a6500 and slapped it on the a6600 – multiple people confirmed this)
• dual UHSII card slot (a6600 has 1 UHSI slot)
• higher resolution EVF (Sony's APS-C EVFs are laughable) – in fact XT-4's EVF is slightly higher resolution than Sony's full frame a7III and a9II EVFs too.
• USB C (Sony still uses micro usb at the end of 2019 – what year is it again?)
• 4k60 (Sony markets a6600 as a video camera – hence why they removed the 30-min recording limit which drove the price higher exponentially due to EU laws for taxing "video recorder" devices, which any device recording more than 30 min qualifies as – yet there is no 4k 60 mode on it.)
• actual usable touch screen LCD and higher resolution than Sony's and tiltable at an angle that makes it usable vs Sony's completely unusable slide-up mode when you have a shot shoe mic connected.
• 8 customizable buttons on the camera body vs Sony's 4 buttons on the a6600 – on top of that X-T4 has 4 more customizable slide gestures on the LCD so you get 12 total customizable actions
• aside from dedicated ISO/SS/EV wheels, 2 control wheels on front and back of the camera body which are both clickable too by the way – Sony only offers one control wheel (aside from the "drive mode" wheel) and you have to re-map a few of the 4 custom buttons if you want to change what that 1 control wheel does, in order to control SS/ISO/aperture with 1 wheel, in order to shoot manual mode at all – again, laughable – Sony it seems encourages their customers to just shoot auto, or suffer very cumbersome workarounds if they insist on shooting manual
• joystick for moving the focus point – none to be found on Sony's APS-C line
• 15 fps mechanical shutter with 300,000 actuation count life time vs Sony's 11fps and who knows what shutter count lifetime.
• 2MP extra sensor resolution – although admittedly MP count is not everything today.
• a menu that makes sense – goes a long way when you need to get s*it done.
• there are custom autofocus modes on the X-T4 which allow you to adjust sensitivity tracking for face/eye detect and in my experience it is almost as snappy as Sony's autofocus – yes they are still kings at that, but Fuji is not far behind…
• there is more, like strobe sync port, threaded shutter button for cable attachment, you know, actual professional grade features, but I think I'll stop here.
I think if you want to really understand what the Sony a6XXX line evolved from, you need look no further than the a5000 – an interchangeable lens point and shoot without an EVF. That makes everything they added on the a6XXX feel like an afterthought.
Yes, the a7III and a9II might be better stills cameras (except for video) but full frame is bulky, and full frame glass is bulky & 1.5x – 2x more expensive.

ömer kahyaoğlu says:

Okey, it's best in it's class but this doesn't mean it's the right choice. a7 is revolutionary camera for many people and it's said to be better than not only it's bigger and more expensive rivals but also many DSLR cameras in the market. So you shouldn't be comparing them just in 5 seconds. Can you make a separate video about how flagship cameras from different categories compete against each other? So we can learn from your experiences and get a better understanding of different camera types manufactured focused on different usage purposes. A standard user can't just have a decision to buy a "APS-C camera" as you know, most of the people just wants a "good camera" unknowing what's best for him/her.

Mr Zen says:

great camera but very pricey particularly the lenses probably better to go full frame

Дмитрий Хабаров says:

all the M6 needs is a fully articulate screen. But i guess it'll take canon another 50 years to figure it out

Benjamin Choo says:

competes? A6600? M6 ii? Lol. Nice one.

jive ji says:

best???? lmao

JJ Garcia says:

Might want to get that lump on your chest looked at.

Akshay Anand says:

The Sony A6600 had absolutely unusable IBS for video and the button layout is unwieldy and menus are difficult to use (and I say this as a user of RX-100 5A and A6400 and A6600). This looks interesting to me

Kabulox says:

that looks like Alsace to me ^^

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