Fujifilm X-T4 Review: Hands-on with Fujifilm's newest flagship camera

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Is the Fujifilm X-T4 the king of APS-C cameras? We have the answer! View the full resolution X-T4 samples from this episode, including raw files: https://www.dpreview.com/sample-galleries/2176369272

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Bruce Reynolds says:

Love the work you guys do. That camera looks great in your hand.

Guido Gautsch says:

"older Fugees have tracking autofocus" I'm here for CCs dissing elder rappers

michael xxx says:

Best colors! Fuji by far has the most appealing colors, the major Benefit. now everybody can see in this Video compaired to others. Thanks for presentation!

kenan bakıcı says:

For the just video purposes I may buy Panasonic AG-UX90. Bit rate and 4K frame rate is low but for the just video ( i will not shoot myself ) would that be logical to but Panasonic? I will create close shots like the story of hand made products and all of them will be interior shots.

MariNate says:

Got mine a few weeks ago. Coming from a canon M50, I absolutely am in love with this thing. Got the 16-55 to go with it and will he getting the 8-16 as well later in the year, super excited to do a review video myself later this month.

anthonykhalil70 says:

The for the objective reveiw. I am still waiting for that mysterious XH2.

jon louis says:

Now even hotter with salt and pepper hair.

AeSkone says:

Basically it is a "Wannabe"-Camera.

Yes, it is a great camera and there is no doubt about it but, alomst every stills shooter is going to complain about the small sensor, less MPs compared to Z7, A7R3,Panasonic S1R and a Z7 and a A7R3 aren`t that expensive anymore.
The auto focus (even so I never use AF) is still behind the competition and it is hard to fix with an "old" sensor and an "old" CPU inside.
Screen resolution has become mediocre and so has become the EVF and still even the amount over battery power almost doubles it is just by about 50% more shots.
You could solve this with a newer CPU, more efficient LCD(and it is still so thick), EVF and so on.

And almost every video shooter is complaining about the headphone jack.

I want a Fuji, which is straight forward a stills camera, just with state of the art tech inside.
As long as they don't deliver it I stick to my XT2.
GFX is too big and heavy.
The full frame competition has less fun of use.
Maybe Leica will be a go some day and if Fuji doesn't come up with something great in the future I saved enough money for that.

Like I said, it is a great camera, but it is not a video camera, it is not an huge upgrade for stills shooter(even so when I love to work with IBIS cameras for stills because of light situations) and with the new screen they are fancy but not practical.
Another lovely great camera with too many flaws for my needs.

Luis Perez says:

Does the IBIS provide major better low light photos? Or is the X-T3 with 23mm 1.4 more than good enough?

Justin Sisson says:

I'm tired of waiting on the XH2. I'm selling my XH1 and heading to Canon.

DaVinci Brasil says:

You guys still have the best reviews on internet.

joseacarrasm says:

What about the face mask?

Phil G says:

I still don`t think it`s time to upgrade my XE1 just yet.

Gavin Gynert says:

It isn't even full frame. APS-C is for losers

John jon says:

Is it me or are you guys putting on some pounds there?

Owen Perry says:

Great review fellas

Mac Mac says:

This camera outdoes the Sony A III, Nikon Z6, Canon R. Even Full frame cannot compete. It is lightning fast, of superior quality and far cheaper.

Jake G says:

It's nice to see a company listen and add most of the things people wanted. With that being said though. With this camera you are basically buying a 2 year old model. Sure it was ahead of it's time back when the XT-3 launched. I mean it wasn't ground breaking but at least they were one of the first to do 10 bit and 4k 60. Other companies could as well they just chose not to. But over the last 2 years it received many upgrades to it's firmware to further improve and make it better. Problem is, the XT-4 uses the same exact CPU and sensor. And Fuji themselves have said it's about tapped out with room for larger improvements. I don't know about you, but I do not feel comfortable spending 1700 dollars on a camera that will not have the longevity with substantial firmware updates that we see with just about every company these days. Why buy this knowing that it's about as good as it's going to get? Unless it does everything you expect it to do.

Personally as much as I love the design and interface, it lacks in a lot of areas. And with Sony, Panasonic, and Canon all about to drop some game changing cameras. I just don't see it being relevant very long. They have held the thrown for a minute, but not improving the CPU will really hurt people buying into this. Especially knowing the X-H2 is right around the corner and will be a lot better in probably every way. I do think it's a great camera for what it is. It definitely is the best APS-C camera to date. However the price imo is not justifiable. And if you are not in dire need of a camera right now, I highly suggest waiting a few more months as like I said, things are about to change big time.

Mac Mac says:

Best camera in its MP class!

drdehaan says:

An xt series can never be a flagship camera. The flagship series is the xh. Wait for the xh2… the xt4 is a try out for the real thing.

Jacques says:

Still loving my XH-1. Just hoping for some firmware upgrades to trickle down

jenesuispasbavard says:

I hope they update the autofocus system over time to catch up with Sony. Can't wait for the X-T40!

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