Fujifilm X-T4 First Impressions

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The Fujifilm X-T4 makes some big promises, but can it deliver? Is this the Fujifilm camera we’ve all been waiting for? See full resolution images from this episode in our sample gallery: https://www.dpreview.com/sample-galleries/0557387404

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Fuji way of saying, we have a new aps c camera coming soon, so if your in the market, this will be our offering shortly, so hold off on that purchase until we release and avoid potential buyers remorse because a better model dropped shortly thereafter

menashephoto Yehoshua menashe says:

Hi Chris what is the recording time possible for video ? is it unlimited ?

Dina Galal says:

Cameras are driving me CRAZY! I want them all! 😂😂

Garret Gray says:

It doesn't really look like you need to upgrade if you have an XT3, especially at the $2200 price it seems to be going for. I was hoping for maybe a larger body with a little more heft to it like the XH1. The IBIS will be beneficial if you're in low light a lot or doing small movements.

Dirty Water says:

I'm confused why they didn't just make this the X-H2. It seems like they just cannibalized the X-H1 with this camera. I'm also disappointed that they didn't include the wall charger. That's an extra expense that the customer should not have to make after spending $1700+

Vemart Tech says:

Wow,watching this video,im very interested review Fujifilm XT4

Balco says:

You heard that right folks! An X-H1 bundle that was $2200, two short years ago, and now less than $900 used, is completely obsolete! LMAO….the nerve of these dudes.

Ed Rakel says:

Hey guys, you forgot to tell us if there was a video record limit with this camera! Thanks

Minh-Tien Lam says:

I just switched to FUJI and I am super happy and may be over excited
that i found this 🐒🐒🐒

Gustav .K says:

The Markiplier of photography- love your videos man!

Игорь Бараков says:

Sony better

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