Fujifilm X-T4 Definitive Camera Review | 4K

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New features 02:18 | IBIS Discussion 11:49 | Shutter and Burst Mode 14:28 | Focus System 18:05 | Sensor Performance 21:52 | Conclusion and Alternatives 30:21 | Read the Text Review https://bit.ly/Xt4Review | Visit the Image Gallery https://bit.ly/XT4Images | Purchase the Fujifilm X-T4 @B&H Photo https://bhpho.to/32hgQlQ | Amazon https://amzn.to/2OrdT9Y | Amazon Canada https://amzn.to/390tZAZ | Amazon UK https://amzn.to/2ZuIqKs | Amazon Germany https://amzn.to/2C5aKKJ | Ebay https://bit.ly/fujiXT4da

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ra says:

I think that for dynamic range 400 you need an ISO of 640 not 800.

Bob Cross says:

Now that Fuji have removed the metering area selection from the right hand top dial/switch, where is it?

Thomas Verelst says:

Good in-depth review, though the end of the conclusion is a bit harsh on the price/weight. I agree that the Sony + Tamron combo is great for the price and weight. But:
Fuji's IBIS is better than any Sony stabilization (either OIS or IBIS) and for applications where you're limited in depth of field or shooting static subjects, you're thus getting better low-light performance than any Sony. Second, if you want to spend big bucks and need a heavy pro kit, go full frame. But if you don't need very fast lenses (e.g. for travel, everyday photography), Fuji might be great, for example the Fuji 16-80mm F4 at 440g and 500$ as kit lens, the 55-200 zoom, the F2 primes…
Third, the extra controls of Fuji also add weight and cost to lenses and bodies (clicked aperture ring etc), and in the end the biggest influence on picture quality is the user, so good and intuitive controls matter. The aperture ring is in my opinion more quick and pleasing than a thumb dial.
And then there's other advantages such as fuji colors, 10 bit, rolling shutter…
Still, I agree that the lenses are a bit heavy and pricey for their aperture, sensor size and AF capability. Fuji also need to exploit APS-C's advantage for tele's more, combined with fixing the small buffer. APS-C versions of the Tamrons would be a great addition to the Fuji system.

MIA P 122 says:

I said I would never buy a Fuji… until I held one in my hands… I'm all in Fuji. 👌

phil doodler says:

For a videocentric camera, i didn't catch your opinion on the video specs or quality.

Nilesh Puranik says:

I own Fuji X-H1 though a great system, I agree with the last points you made about price, lenses, and autofocus… I am planning to buy more fuji lenses but considering the cost … I can get into the FF system … so also thinking of switching to the FF system for a long time. 😛

Curtis Byrd says:

Great video review Mr. Dustin ! You speak up Fuji using third-party lenses . Would Sigma be a good third-party lens candidate ? I am not familiar with the quality of the Tamron lenses . But Sigma will give high quality images with their Optics . Your thoughts on this Thank you ! …..Curtis

Timothy Linn says:

I always appreciate your reviews, Dustin, and particularly your cross-system comparisons and observations. As a Fuji shooter myself, you nailed both of my frustrations with the system: the widening gap in AF performance compared to Sony and Canon; and the fact that their best zoom lenses aren't smaller and lighter. That a third party manufacturer can create full-frame zooms with superior IQ that are also smaller and lighter seems like an indictment of Fuji's lens designing prowess. (That said, the one niggle I had with your comparisons is that I don't consider a 28-75mm full-frame zoom to be equivalent to Fuji's 24-82mm (FFE) zoom. Those extra 4mm on the wide end are huge for me.)

Nikoolix says:

The point of Fuji was never to jump right into the big lenses, because as you say at that point it's not lighter than an equivalent full frame system. The main attraction is the selection of small really good lenses like the f2.0 or f1.4 primes, and with such a setup it's probably smaller and lighter than what full frame offers right now. For example X-T4 + 35/1.4 weighs 713g while the roughly equivalent Sony setup A7iii + zeiss 55/1.8 weighs 931g.
The 50-140mm etc exist for those who already have the system and need a good telephoto to go with it, rather than investing into the system primarily for that lens because that is indeed pointless. So I kind of feel like you took Fuji at their worst setup to compare them in, rather than their strongest state which is that they do offer a more compact setup. A good and informative review regardless.

Fotos y Mas says:

Dustin destroying the “smaller, lighter, cheaper” myth. I like Fuji cameras but they are an addition to my full frame Canon kit.

FastAkira says:

Always a refined pleasure to watch your reviews, even about cameras and lenses I'm not interested in. I wish you could do a review on the Fuji GFX. Oh man… I wish!

Chris Mann says:

In regards to your criticism of having too many knobs and dials that would otherwise deter beginning photographers: When I was a beginning photographer with the X-t1, all the control knobs and dials were actually an advantage to me, as it gave me a tactile understanding of the science of photography. To each their own, but those 'old-world' features really could be of benefit to others in that regard, instead of just going by whatever the LCD/EVF readout spat back and scratching one's head in indifference like "I guess it's doing something then"

Mauro Bonapace says:

Hey that sensor is so tiny, I thought it was mft, but without mft lens park, at a price point of a full frame! but without dof of ff, you can do 4k, but gh5 is better, you can do stills but A7 is better, and costs more? why? dont get me wrong I like fuji, but medium format, another class, a shame that the 50 f1 doesn't come in gf mount.

Gaurav Mishra says:

I recently bought the XT4 as my first camera in 10+ years, and I have been delighted with the retro tactile design.

The 16-80mm F4 zoom lens made for an excellent kit lens, with its OIS and constant aperture. All the four ‘Fujicron’ primes are excellent (16mm F2.8, 23mm F2, 35mm F2, 50mm F2) in terms of size, speed and price. I also bought the 10-24mm F4 Zoom and 90mm F2 prime lenses, but I‘m still not sure how much I like them.

The challenge, like you said, is with the fast lenses. The fast F1.X primes are all outdated in terms of weather sealing and autofocus. The fast F2.8 zooms are all heavy and costly, and defeat the purpose of having a mirrorless APS-C camera. For the most part, I feel that I have already reached the limit of what’s possible with the Fuji X lens eco-system.

I have been researching the full frame systems, and I’m excited about getting a Sony A7IV or A7RV when they are released later in the year. The FE 20mm, 35mm and 85mm F1.8 lenses seem like a good place to start, for a relatively small and inexpensive kit. The 24mm F1.4 and 135mm F1.8 G Master lenses and the new Sigma DG DN Art lenses seem like exceptional prime upgrades. The Tamron and Sigma DG DN Art F2.8 zooms do sound intriguing, but I wonder if I’ll miss the OIS. I was surprised to hear that the Tamron F2.8 zooms are optically better than the Fuji F2.8 zoom lenses.

Overall, I agree with almost everything you said in the review and found it to be really balanced and thoughtful. I’m digging into your Sony archive next. 🙂

Aliveness Cycling: Road Cycling Adventures says:

Hi Dustin, great review as always! I would almost get the X-T4, but after almost 2 years with Fuji X-T3, I would like to move back to FF. I am considering the Canon R5 and the Leica SL2. Do you have any experience with the Leica SL2? And, when will you be publishing your first look at the Canon R5?

Mike Apostol says:

Did Fuji not open up X mount to 3rd party lens manufacturers in April? Great review BTW. XT4 owner and love it.

Peter Vari says:

My 80D is a mess at 3200 ISO. I think the XT4 is a paradise. Thanks for the review.

JimiTakemitsu says:

Can you do a video comparison of the Tamron lenses (and their Fuji counterparts) you mentioned here, please?

paul little says:

I think the Fuji system is such good value for money. The X-T4 is a lot of camera at it's price point and I just love it. Regarding noise, I have zero issues with it. This is especially the case in Capture One and the way that software renders Fuji raw files is amazing! A thorough and honest review as always, thanks.

قناة ماهر maher channel says:

Nice review. I agree on many points you mentioned. I was expecting a comparison with olympus EM-1 iii or EM-5 iii which I think are closer competitors than the Canons or Sonys for this type of camera.

Vincent Wee says:

Xt4 still have ibis and autofocus tracking issues after firmware upgrade 1.02. Fuji must upgrade its older lenses with OIS and WR. The older lenses tends to be noisy and are not suitable for video recording. It's frustrating.

venom5809 says:

I bought this thing called a SecureIT chalk board from Staples today and was looking up additional markers online and came upon this, this has to be you. LOL . Also I'm kind of offended Sony and Canon didn't send you cameras like they did to other people.

Stan Obert says:

I am hoping that Tamron creates lenses for my Z6 and Z7 cameras. I sold my Fuji gear being frustrated with the lack of third party lens options that you mentioned. Tamron makes great lenses!

Sam E says:

Amazing review!
I have pre-ordered the Canon R5 with the RF 15-35mm 2.8 lens but i broke my own rule to pre-order before seeing your review!
Hope you still review that combo at some point

Jimmyqballs says:

Really appreciate you taking your time and reviewing things with a thoughtful and methodical approach. Too many reviews are based on being with the camera for 2 days, these things take time

Gz-n3 Gzmail says:

Great vid as normal. I'm a Fuji and nikon user who hasn't gone fully fuji because i don't like their tele lenses and im not totally happy about using mirrorless for very fast sports stuff. Having said that, the greatest reason for choosing fuji was the all round ability to be as compact as any m43 combo or capable enough to hangout with any FF or dslr combo, without worrying about image quality.

C O says:

Fantastic. Especially at the end: you get better weight, cost, and image quality with FF. Any camera maker should consider opening up 3rd party lense choices to make their eco-system more competitive.

Jay says:

Wonderful review. I bought the X-T4 to go with my A7RIV because I wanted a lighter kit for travel. To my surprise — like you mentioned — I ended up with more weight (and cost) in my bag. Now rethinking my options but totally agree with all points you presented. Thanks for another solid review.

Elliott says:

Good, thorough review! What lens and aperture did you use to film this? Looks great!

Oliver Ritter-Wolff says:

Your're right its not a RAW sports camera also because of a missing panning IS mode. This is only given with 2 lenses, 16-80mm and 2/200mm. Besides sports it is a great system.

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