Fujifilm X-T30 Review: Most of the X-T3 for nearly half the price

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Fujifilm managed to steal a lot of thunder from all the new full-frame cameras with the launch of the X-T3. It shot to the top of my APS-C camera list with advanced video features, an excellent new sensor and fast shooting speeds. I was happily surprised when Fujifilm then announced the X-T30, which is a huge leap over its predecessor, the X-T20. It actually shares many of the X-T3’s features, like the 26.1-megapixel resolution, but costs $600 less.

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paznit says:

How do you think it compares to GX9 by Panasonic ?

zeki rami says:

Iam going to buy it but is it better than canon m50 for photos only not video ?

iJerrrrrry says:

what lens does this come with? or would you have to buy them separately?
i'm a beginner looking to get into photography and not sure where to start other than the fact that i like the look of fujifilm cameras and that they are mirrorless.

Paul Vega says:

Badass to see a Type C

Zen Yen 🔴 says:

this doesn't replace Samsung s10.
I need better

Fredventure says:

Cheers buddy! This camera will be mine very soon!

rasheed211287 says:

Lovely review, I can't wait to sell my D810 and the rest of the gear….for this camera.
Less is more, I hope Fuji keeps developing in this niche segment for years to come. Would love an XE-4!!

Bence Kovacs says:

I have the x-t30 since 1,5 weeks and i LOVE it. Use it with the cheap xc 15-45 which is crazy sharp and excellent for travel. small, light and incredibly versatile!

Phil Jones65 says:

No IBIS no thanks…

vedranart says:

What about length of video recording via HDMI out, and after how much time it would heat up? Could it be used for longer live streaming for example?

Thanks! 🙂

Ioan Grigore Popescu says:

Is the Fujifilm X-T30 good enough for wedding photos?

Willie McCoy says:

I am very NEW to this world! I would love to know what lens (or lenses) you would recommend to pair with this to help with the lack of IBIS. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Chapman Chow says:

is it still worth getting the XE-3 at this moment?

sOLz nw says:

What lens do I buy for my hiking/trekking trips.will the kit lens do the job or do I need to skip it for something else

Marco Campagna says:

2:24 iPhones doesn’t have usb-c port earphones but lightning ones …good review BTW 🤙

Prashantha K says:

Will it be available in India soon !


Insallah my brother

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