Fujifilm X-T3 Review: Worth the Hype?

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My Fujifilm X-T3 Guide is Done! Check it out here:
After spending a lot of time filming with the Fuji X-T3 I’m sharing my thoughts! Is this camera worth checking out for video? Or should you go with a GH5 of Pocket 4K?

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Panasonic GH5
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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K Review:

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DSLR Video Shooter says:

My Fujifilm X-T3 Guide is done! Check it out here: https://academy.dslrvideoshooter.com/courses/fuji-x-t3
First 20 buyers get 10% off using the code "first-xt3-10" at checkout.

#ddzninety2 Film Production says:

XT3 vs GH5 please. I want to upgrade my 750D to one of these camera for filmming. Please help 🙁 so much confused

95SLE says:

TY for the review. I am in the market for a new camera and the X-T3 is on my short list.

sleepy at dawn says:

Flip out screens are not that great for gimbals though. It gets in the way, its off axis.

Anuj Premi says:

love the objects on the shelf

Aventum says:

Brother pls suggest me a best over all good performing camera for professional photography and video. I really don't worry about the price. My budget is $5000. Please suggest me. Thank you

Anton Gazaryan says:

Guy say “it can shoot 4k 60fps, insane, specially it has small sensor”.
Do you know what are you talking about? What sensor size on modern phones?

Ken King says:

Thanks for your videos. I really like your laid back and not super hyped up style. You really come across as genuine and sincere while giving really good information. All that while still slowing your passion for film making and photography to show through. I’ve only seen a few videos and will be watching many more. Keep up the good work.

Robbie Maynard Creates says:

Looking for opinions – Sony A6100 or FujiFilm X-T3 for Video ?

Chris Jeppesen says:

Why so much hate in M4/3?

UdodaTube says:

Why the hell does every blogger needs to talk about the video aspect but not the stills side. I get they are more "integrated" into video but this is annoying when they don't go into detail the photography side of cameras

Puru Mehta says:

Do check out my chanel for Fuji xt3 video capabilities

Puru Mehta says:

I use a Fujifilm xt3 personally and I can easily shoot around an hour apart from that I can attach a powerbank directly and shoot a complete wedding or any commercial event

Mister Man says:

If you want a GH5, buy a GH5. Compared to the X-T3’s, the GH5’s still images look like crap. Yeah, IBIS – but a lot of “filmmakers” should learn what tripods and gimbals are for. Shooting for hours? Use a dummy battey powered by A/C or battery pack. If you wanna take video of yourself, the flip-out screen – vulnerable to damage and at times cumbersome – is for you. If you want to shoot discretely or vertically from low angles, the Fuji’s screen kicks ass. If you’re going to be changing settings a lot, take advantage of the Fuji’s custom-settings menu.

Omicron says:

I wish you'd elaborate more on type of lenses a videographer should buy for fast auto focus a little more.

Tim Sotoadeh says:

Are you sure it can only shoot up to 30 minutes? Wasn't there a recent firmware update to allow for longer than that?

Steve Bearman says:

It took me a long time to decide to go mirrorless, and due only to budget reasons sold my Nikon D810 system to go Fuji. The X-T3 had just come out and was sold immediately after seeing the upgrades from the X-T2. I also chose Fuji after considering a FF mirrorless (like Sony) due to the size and weight, The biggest reason was the EVF! oh, I could go on, but you get the drift.
Definitely the best APS-C camera out there, and in the top 10 best ANY camera out there! …and oh ya, I don't shoot video, but from what I hear, it's over the top for video! I highly recommend considering getting the X-T3, it'll surprise the heck out of you!!!

richard karamel says:

Baterry life is enough for not buying this camera. LOL

favoriteblueshirt says:

She is really good at puttying glass in windows.

J Cam says:

Is this camera better paired with Capture One, for post processing stills ?

Chosen Idea says:

Another bad side would be that the dual card slots only backup stills? Ohhh, no IBIS either.

Samson Blay says:

Looooved this video! Just Got my own Fujifilm X-T3 and this video is part of the reason. I actually did a video with my first impression of the camera, and I gotta day, I was surprised. I’ve used canon my whole photography life, but it’s always felt like the shoe didn’t quite fit right with me. The style and feeling of canon just wasn’t my cup of tea. Now the shoe finally fits and I feel more motivated than ever, with my Fuji xt3.

Vikingdescendent says:

Are we getting too spoiled? 4, 5 and 6 are not really issues that can't can't be worked out. If you shoot longer than 10 minutes, there are other options out there like the Sony a7 lll, but most people won't. Many photographers have done well with less.

Michael S says:

Well done video. I currently have the Sony A7III and really miss the Fuji colors. I owned the X-T1 and X-T2 before coming to Sony. I do not expect the video AF to be equal to Sony, but some of the videos I have seen give me hope that it will work great for me. I agree with your GH5 comment. I owned it before as well and it was an awesome camera. Unfortunately the horrible video AF did me in. Surprised they have not worked on this more

sfusiondj Lee says:

Hopefully someone with an X-T3 can weigh in here….. I just bought mine (second hand, but in super good condition, at least on the outside), but I'm worried I bought a lemon 😮 It warms up very quickly. Even just flipping through the menu for a few minutes, I can feel it warming up (especially on the bottom). I shot some 4k 60p video today. My total recording time came to under 13 minutes, but the battery was down to 65%, with quite a bit of heat being generated by the camera body. Is this normal???? In comparison, my Sony a6500 runs much cooler and with better battery life.

mougabo says:

to me at this moment is interesting how sony will respond to the panasonic S1H and also Fuji with their H2…… the Lumix will be able to record Raw files using the Ninja…… that is so interesting, now……. if Sony is able to record Raw…. paired with their lenses….. at a high bit rate….. that is gonna be hard to beat, BUT…… if Fuji improves their H2, keeping their film simulations , developing better lenses for video……. also raw files….. wow….. its gonna be an amazing time for videographers…. OH, I almost forgot, the GH6 is coming too?

Juliana gil cabal says:

Hello! What do you think about the OLYMPUS PEN F?? I want to know opinions, vs. this XT-3 Fuji

Thank you!!

Andy Mckay says:

The ergonomics on this camera suck. Purely bc of the tiny grip. I dont even have big hands and I could barely get a grasp on the camera, it didn't inspire confidence at all.

Czyrus Zamora says:

I prefer 1.3 crop in hp 120fps rather than 720 120fps..its canon

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