Fujifilm X-T3 Hands-on Review

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In this video: perhaps the best mirrorless camera announcement of the year? Lok riding a bike. Cologne (not the smelly kind) and Christ makes an appearance also.

Fuji X-T3 – Body Only (Black) https://www.adorama.com/ifjxt3b.html?kbid=913736
Fuji X-T3 – Body Only (Silver) https://www.adorama.com/ifjxt3s.html?kbid=913736
Fuji X-T3 – 18-55mm Kit (Black) https://www.adorama.com/ifjxt3bk.html?kbid=913736
Fuji X-T3 – 18-55mm Kit (Silver)

Favormusik – Serendipity https://chillhop.bandcamp.com/track/serendipity
L’indecis – Monday: https://lindecis.bandcamp.com/album/monday-chill-1-10-album
Blue Wednesday – Dilate: http://soundcloud.com/bluewednesday

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Christian Basehart says:

Well crap, they lost me at no flippy screen.

Trygve Veslum says:

Fuji I LOVE your flip SCREEN concept! They have in my opinion the best flip screen arrangement on the marked. Makes high/low photo a breeze compared to the Panny/Oly/Canon idea where you have to flip it all the way out before rotating etc which makes you miss the moment. 100% cudos to Fuji here. This vlogging-thingy is just for a few users compared to the large amount of photographers out there.

Rock n' Royal Productions says:

Another great review guys! How do you feel the eye AF compares to the eye AF of the Sony A7iii?
What did you film this vid with? The GH5?

And BTW, Lok you have great style, very classic!

BDPhotog67 says:

Never thought I'd hear LOK say "dildo"…! I mean, assuming he didn't ever take on a 2nd career as a porn star that is..

ktrb says:

It is funny why Brits have chosen to spell Köln as err… colon ("Hello, hello, I am here in colon"… ouch)

Wrenchettes says:

kai alone = strong……lok alone = strong also…………both together……………….Bodybuilder strong!!

Daniel Robbins says:

You are truly the "Odd Couple" of YouTube photography 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Af1h4ibpKJA

Kaitlyn Ortega says:

What camera are you using to film this?

jokymoky says:

@Jonas Rask!

Phu photography says:

Kai man wong. Pls follow my channel as ur fellow Asian also British born without the Jeremy Clarkson voice tryin to start up my own YouTube channel on photography 😂 seriously a like would even be amazing! Ur the dogs bollocks!

Kepano 808 says:

Kai – as of today, would you buy the XT3 or A7iii?

FabsTechHD says:

What camera are you using for filming this?

Big Irish Yeti says:

Such an annoying prick.

Adrian Lewis says:

I have an XT-1 and bought the H1. The H1 is a beast compared to the XT-1/2/3 but feels a lot more rugged and has IBIS too. which is a real bonus. Will probably still buy an XT-3 though as it's more compact dimensions and lighter weight are much better for all day street shoots.

Absurd TV says:

trump memes for fun! https://youtu.be/bazJBjnq3F4

Honeyball Lecter says:

Lok looks like the asian Gus Fring

andrew marks says:

Free the Lok

Michael Steighner says:

LOL! Wow, just subscribed from a recommendation of Matti. Love the sense of humor 🙂

David Smith says:

6:38 Russell brand really has fallen on hard times.

Colonel Mac Donald. says:

Get a hand strap. Don’t drop it dude.

M Jamil Hoque says:

I thoroughly enjoyed using my XT2 while I had it. As soon as the XH1 got released, I wanted it

However, I'm not too sure about the low light performance of the XH1 and the details lost through the noise level.

What do you recommend?

Marco Milani says:

6:38 great shot actually…

Row F says:

I am torn between this camera and the Sony A7 III…

Leon Schulze says:

Think of the EU data protection legislation…you may get problems

RandomAndrei 101 says:

0:20 oh come on! I was eating

Justin Pineda says:

kai with the SI flex

Deforma Cinnabar says:

You're bored just from one day, imagine how is it to live here.

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