Fujifilm X-T100 :: The New Best Deal In Photography?

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Fujifilm were kind enough to send me the new X-T100 to check out. This might be the best deal in photography.

The Fujifilm X-T100 is a budget conscious, mirrorless camera designed to fit Fujifilm X-Mount lenses. Clearly there are some things that are held back to make this camera affordable but almost all the features and the image quality you expect from Fujifilm is there. I was actually extremely impressed with the X-T100. If you’re on a budget, its a great camera to start with and spend the extra money on lenses.

• Mirrorless APS-C camera design
• Fuji Image Quality is on point
• Supports XF lenses and leaves money left over to buy them
• Excellent all around camera for photographers at any level

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* FTC – note this camera was loaned to me from Fujifilm, however it is not sponsored. The thoughts and opinions are my own.

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emilia set says:

Che cazzo parla così veloce

Craig Anderson says:

God i wish they would get away from that hideous foe leather look on their grips! Idk who with fuji is responsible for that look but good lord. Now the wrap on the xt2 and 3 is premiumly presented and is well exectued. But my god lol. Its the small things.

Aman Panwar says:

sir nikon d5600 or fujixt100

Radhe Radhe Production says:

how slow is it?

sergimay4 says:

I’m a completely noob into photography and cameras and this video did really explain a lot from an expertise point yet clear enough for me to understand.

Sedthawit Tangsumpant says:

How would you compare XT100 to the older XE2 that has X-Trans Sensor?

Just Began says:

Good day bought a T100 problem. Can not select photo mode equal to + available only (normally normal) tell me it is solved?

All Things Lex says:

I'm so torn between this compact, sexy AF Fuji and the Canon M50 for a budget mirrorless to shoot landscape, wildlife, YouTube vids, and eventually some portraits. Which one to buy???

Daniele Bozzi says:

What's the track ID of the outro song? Cheers 🙂

Peter Koperdan says:

It is clear that more 'advanced' focus modes don't work very well on this camera. But what about the simple AF-S center focus point performance? I can't find explicit assessment of it anywhere 🙁

The reason I'm asking is that the AF-S center focus point is enough for many types of shooters. Is it reasonably fast/accurate enough? What about low light?

Josemi De Bleser says:

So should I buy this XT100 or for basically the same price, the XT1?

Leandro Santos II says:

Is this still okay to buy now? 2019 🙁 thank you.

Worldwide Ghosts says:

I'm seriously considering either this model new or a used X-T1 or X-Pro1. Which would you choose?

Kenny Petsch says:

A lot of stuff has been said about the sensor not giving off that honeycomb look like the other x series models.. what are your thoughts on that?

Chloe Allysen says:

I got this camera after your review and I love it! Thank you for doing this review, it was very helpful for me.

shiva shanker says:

Can we change lens for this camera

Francis T. says:

Well done, I really like your reviews. Keep it up.

Tristan Pastor says:

hi there mate. looking to buy a new fuji x series. confused which one i choose between xt100, xe3, xt30. I will use it for family use everday life and travel not really for photography reason. and no plans on doing any editing. which one you think is best? thanks mate apreciate ur response

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