Fujifilm X-T100 – Review and Sample Photos

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We look at Fujifilm’s newest compact shooter, the X-T100. Does it capture the “Fuji look” in a small package?
Find out more about the Fujifilm X-T100: http://bit.ly/2L4XhS9
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UPDATE: Two quick notes. I mention the X-T100 has a CMOS sensor, I meant Bayer sensor. I also mention a small handgrip that can be attached, this comes in the box, not sold separately as I state.

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Mr.Gadget Phonic says:

How good is this for semi professional photography?

Juan Alvarado says:

God the touch response is terrible and laggy. 😪

nina grebenar says:

Please help! I can't decide between the xt100 and the olympus om-d e-m10 mark ii
I don't care about video, I will use it for street photography/portraits/landscape/architecture. Which one should I get?

h. says:

Thank you… all the videos iva seen.. this one really spoke to me lol. I didn't realize the camera was so small they never really hold it the way you did in this video. I know this is a pretty good starter camera but is there any other ones i can look into as well. Trying to upgrade from phone photography (samsung s10+)

Libor Vizent says:

Super video. Could I have a question how do you make these headlines?

Panos Papanagiotou says:


Eddzje L says:

Hello, this or sony a6000?

جاسم السيف says:

Hwo is the best is it or canon m100??

S7V7NFîV5 says:

This or Sony a5100

Dino DiLabio says:

Your photos will come out with a higher quality lens.

So says:

Hey cab you take photos of the moon with this ?

Khops Vlog says:

How is battery life?

sagar chopra says:

Can you please help me to buying good camera in 350 USD for vlogging ? What about Fuji xt100 ?

Joseph Thangal says:

Wow…… Such a great looking camera with good performance at such an affordable rate…. God bless

Fun Sharul says:

x-t100 or x-a7??
however, x-a7 cost around USD 200 extra in my country

Jayvz Juan san says:

I tot dis camera is that good. Better the iphone 11 pro

Jayvz Juan san says:

I tot dis camera is that good. Better the iphone 11 pro

Jayvz Juan san says:

I tot dis camera is that good. Better the iphone 11 pro

Kate VRob says:

Should I get it than the xa5? Comparing the xt100 to the xt30. I cNt even cholse what should I get.

suraj kumar says:

Is it a DSLR?

Alan Ebora says:

Awesome video! Made a filipino review of this camera in my channel. 🙂

rosid habiebie says:

Please give opinion, Witch is better between Canon M50 vs Fujifilm X-T100?

Fah Jar says:

How is the bluetooth connection, is it quick?

through my eyes says:

Excellent review!!!!!

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