FujiFIlm X-Series Camera Comparison (VLOG One)

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In this video I’m going to discuss the differences between Fuji’s X-Series flagships and how I use them case by case.

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John Branch IV Photography says:

YEAH! Another Fuji shooter! Great vid. Keep it up. #teamfuji!

Eddy j. Photography says:

Awesome Video Stockezy

brian hinesley says:

Also i love your body of work.

brian hinesley says:

Why do you prefer xpro2 over x100f for street? Do you use a 50mm equivalent?

Hobbyist Shooter says:

Hi! Where did you purchase the black camera strap? Looks very nice.

Daniel Lew says:

do you shoot RAW or mainly in jpegs with film simulation?

Nicole Egberts says:

Hey!! Great video 🙂 I'm looking into getting a Fuji, just wondering which model would you suggest for video? I will be shooting photo as well, but for work I do food photography and recipe videos

Michael Angelo says:

If you had to choose a fujifilm body to film videos with, which would you choose?

vr121 says:

Fuji makes incredible cameras. I still own the X100S, X-Pro1 and XT-1. They are still incredible cameras!

Joshua Van Sickle says:

Fuji X Pro 2 all the way! Great work man! Love it!

Neil Genower says:

Good stuff, keep going. Considering migrating from Sony to Fuji, need silent shutter for TV stills work but concerned about dropping down to crop sensor and weird sharpening issues.

Sean Dizon says:

Great stuff! Hope to see more from you.

Dan Deleon says:

9:08 I love how you fart so nonchalantly.

jose da luz says:

Hey love your video. Great work. I have canon camera at moment. I want to get a Fuji camera. From your video I am not sure each one I should buy. I like street photography and portraits. What would advice ?

meme378 says:

Love your photography. What's your stance on 56mm vs 50mm for candid street portraiture and general street photography? Do you ever find the AF speed of the 56mm limiting?

bigxheadx84 says:

I came from Sony and thought I loved Sony cameras but…..then I found Fuji! I was able to visit the Fuji museum in Tokyo, got inspired and never looked back. Great video!

Walnut Street Photography says:

Love this, love your work. Keep it up!!

Krzysztof Górny says:

Great content on your channel. Your photos are very inspirational. Can you also share your thoughts about Fujinon lenses? Whats your recommendations and can you show example photos?

27thdtw says:

Keep going!

Anindya Mitra says:

Holding a Fuji makes me want to go out and shoot, wake up early, basically do stuff I normally don't. Waiting for the XT3..

Philip Hyndman says:

You're superb! I have been shooting with the X100 over the past 3 years and today I ordered the X-Pro2. Your video confirmed my choice was the correct one.

romeromero55 says:

You’re a beast. Much better than Casey. My respect to the Neistat family

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