FujiFilm X Pro 3 Review: Best Camera for DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY or 2020 Hipster TRASH?

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Fuji sent me the X Pro 3 to test out. These are some thoughts.

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Rudolf says:

That lift the dial thing was on a few old film cameras (the original non-program Canon AE-1 and the Chinon CM-4 being two examples I actually own) and I thought it was fiddly and stupid on those but hey… that just means you're getting an Authentic Film Experience here!

Ian C says:

Honestly my dream camera…next to the leica monochrome. Neither of which I can afford so I guess I'll take a look at the pro 2 instead.

victordesabata says:

I should definitely get one in 2022!

meowriel says:

There is a new instant camera in the market πŸ˜ƒ the Kodak Smile! It also uses a zink paper, but the size is quite bigger than the poopy Polaroid Snap Touch prints. It’s probably the same size as the vintage Polaroid 600, the ones with the view finder folded down. Aaaaaand it’s analog, BUT your shots gets saved on your phone. So its also somekinda digital, but not during yβ€” Just see it for yourself πŸ˜†

Authentic Aesthetic says:

I love Rear Review

diclexic schweb says:

Thank u for this entertaining video

Flip Flops Films says:

While I was watching this video, I suddenly realized that I am so broke that I canβ€˜t even afford Animal Crossing. So I have to watch this for entertainment instead.

BfoSHIZnats says:

Do you live in Vape Naysh? Cause all I see are hipsters and fog. Bwa bwa bwa bwaaaaaa V/

Funcooker30 says:

If you're reading this join the Discord, link in description πŸ‘†

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