FUJIFILM X-H1 Review // Who Is This Camera For??

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In This FujiFilm X-H1 Review I talk about my experience with the camera and try to answer the question Who is this Camera For?

Buy the FujiFilm X-H1 Camera – http://geni.us/dunnaxh1

Full Specs – http://www.fujifilm.com/products/digital_cameras/x/fujifilm_x_h1/specifications/

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Cleveland Filmmaker says:

I’m just looking for something that’s excellent for video.

Tomas Av. says:

WTF u use flog to film yourself in studio???? Why da hell anyone needs flog in controlled environment?

Kushormous says:

are there any good adapters out there so that we can mount our ef mount lenses on this body? Great review btw! No bull krap straight to the point and very well made 🙂

AP Trax says:

Which lens do you recommend to get first if I decide to purchase this camera?

godfrey ling says:

Tried this Camera today looking to buy X-H1 moving from d5500 liked it a lot but like I kept touching the Q button buy accident annoying can it be turn off. good review thanks

Foxtrot Golf says:

I jumped the gun. $1698 with grip and 16-55/2.8 and with the latest firmware. Never too late for a cult follower.

Vijay Chitte says:

15,000 you hit that button then it’s not mistake … ha ….ha …ha …


What camera will be good for 2019,XH1 or XT3. please tell…?

Laurence gr says:

Looking at the image quality, can you tell any difference in comparison with the X-T3?

Ishijah1 says:

I second that emotion definitely waiting x-h2

Ryan Allison says:

can also get it for $300 which is a crazy good deal but it does require an extra $2,000 to make it work. You buy it with the 8-16mm lens for $2,300, sell the lens (it costs 2,000) and boom you get the xh1 for $300. Heck if you don't want the grip you can sell that too and get it for free rofl. There's also a good 16-55 deal too, not as good as the above one but still very good. Think it averages out to $500 for the camera or so going from memory so not positive. Either way great deals.

Ryan Allison says:

update: sept 2019, on sale at b&h for $999. Comes with the grip for free ($300 value) 3 batteries ($210 value) and a bag and sd card.

Definitely worth it for wedding photographers or anyone who shoots a lot of low light. Or whose favorite lenses aren't stabilized (16-55 and 90 for example)

The Dark Box says:

This is an ad not a review. Just sayin’.

jarek916 says:

Hi there, I do have a question regarding XH1 eye detection and face detection for still photography after the update 2.01. I'm portrait/event/people photographer currently shooting with my beloved xpro 2. I guess my main question is about that eye/face detection in XH1 after upgrade is it better or at least same as my xpro 2 ? I know there is also xt3 which is very good but right now the $999 for XH1 with IB and battery grip+ 3 battery is very hard to resist. It wood be nice to stabilize those 56 mm and 16-55mm or 35 mm in low light situation. I'm not much worry about videos future they nice to have but not crucial for me. Thank you for answering my question Take care and have nice day. J.

J W says:

Probably going to get it just for the stabilization. Getting older and shaky.

Qing Lyu says:

But when the price drops to $999, I can't control myself anymore XD

Rock Micheal says:

Hi Dunna, now its been a long time that i am stuck btw the 3 cameras i.e Xt3, canon eosr and Sony A7iii. I m mostly in stills (portaiture & landscaping) and partially do the videography plzz help me i need the sharp images which camera should i consider?

Meet Patel says:

I am looking to buy my first camera and after seeing so many reviews, I am leaning more towards Fujifilm.
I am confused between the X-H1 and X-T3.
Problem is the X-T3 might just be a bit out of the budget.
I am looking to do stills only but wouldn't mind some video.
Some help would greatly be appreciated.

qualaup says:

Hi there, thanks for your post. I love my XH-1 over my XT-3. The ergonomics and the soft shutter button release and the low price where a absolute go for me. The XT-3 feels cheaper but have some nice features too. I'm not a video shooter but a professional portrait photographer, so any video features leaves me cold on any camera. This camera makes very beautiful pictures. I find that the pictures from this camera looking more analog compared to the XT-3. If you don't want to have problems withe the shutter button you have to put on the sound, than you 'hear' when you are sharp and you can push the button further, no problem except when you are allergic for beep sounds…lol.

Vineet Kapashi says:

Hey man! I've been in a dilemma for which one to buy, xt3 / xh1. I'm from India and here currently xh1 body with battery grip costs lesser than xt3 body alone. I want IBIS but it increases the size of camera for a regular event shoot and all (xh1 with battery grip). Other scenario is, xt3 with a small gimble (becomes really big when travelling / have to sacrifice stabilised travel videos). I am all in for tech spec game but at the end image or video matters more.


im thinking about buying a x-h1 but im just wait unit x-h2 comes out,love the colors!!!!

TVe200 says:

That some can prefer the grip of X-T3 over X-H1 is impossibel to understand. I can't hold a X-T3 i one hand for more than 3 minutes.

PharaohsKingdom says:

Ok I'm trying to decide if I want to buy the Fuji X-T3, BMPCC 4K, Sony A6500-7000, or GH5. I was leaning towards Fuji X-T3. I'm a hybrid shooter so I need the best of both worlds of video and photos.

This is my first time looking at the Fuji XH1. I didn't know this was also a APC-S camera as well. I want to build a rig for the X-T3 as well for filmmaking. Now the question is should I buy the X-T3 or just wait for the XH2 to drop?

NetGawker says:

As a professional "dadographer" and part-time landscape shooter, as well as someone who owns the Sony A7II, A7RII, A7SII, and Canon EOS-R, I just purchased the XH-1 a little over a month ago and I have to say that this camera is killer. Along with the camera I also purchased the 2X teleconverter, 50-140mm lens, the 56mm f1.2, and the 16-55 f2.8 lens. I was able to score some NICE cityscapes of downtown Chicago during sunrise HANDHELD at 2 seconds with this camera and the images are very nice. I've yet to shoot video but at the same time, I'm not a big videographer. I honestly feel that anyone who finds things to complain about as it relates to this camera is doing so just to do it. Quite honestly, I like the video I get from my A7II so…yeah, I'm not big into video.
I scored my XH-1 brand new off eBay for $900 (body only) and along with the very lightweight lenses, this is just a killer setup. Very lightweight compared to the mirrorless full frame alternatives and everything fits into a small sling camera bag for easy transport. In my opinion, you get this camera and spend your time focusing on the mastery of composition and light instead of nitpicking on what features this camera "should" have.

Joe Abboud says:

I still have one doubt only to buy this camera I've never tried it but the thing is WHAT ABOUT THE IMAGE STABILIZATION is it nice ??? Plz if anyone has tried it i do really need your opinion

jordandct7 says:

In comments tents. Great video!

LKB Photography says:

I’m thinking about getting the XH1 until the XH2 for the current projects I’m working on. In fact, I actually made a separate video on the XH2 and why it will be the perfect camera for me. 👍🏻 Video as always!!

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