Fujifilm X-A5 Hands-on Review

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New DigitalRev Presenter! Andy dresses up as an Instagrammer to test out Fuji’s latest X-A5 (http://digit.re/FujiXA5)
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Pricing reference:

Main Features:

24.2MP APS-C Sensor
180-Degree Tilting LCD Touchscreen
UHD 4K Recording; HD Video at 120 fps
Hybrid AF System with Phase-Detection
4K Burst Function for Stills at 15 fps
Multi Focus Mode for Focus Stacking
Maximum ISO of 12,800
Compact, Weighs 1.1 lb with Kit Lens
Bluetooth Connectivity for File Transfer
Fujinon XC 15-45mm f/3.5-5.6 OIS PZ Lens

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Sound Speed! says:

Just got my first Fiji mirrorless! Bought a Fujifilm X-A3, will put up an unboxing video soon. Found one that was too cheap to pass over! So much cheaper secondhand than the newer X-A5 (I just wish the X-A3 had the mic input of the X-A5, but the X-A3 still has the good 24 megapixel sensor for photography)

Trevor Summers says:

This guy is my hero! Haha bashing hipsters so hard!

Ricbert Ped says:

This or X-A3? is it worth the upgrade to X-A5?

Dennis Swanner says:

Kia you are not.

Mat CMP says:

Can you program and turn off the rear buttons? It is not possible on the XA1 but is on the XE3.

Jeffri Yonardi says:

hey, he looks much better than Kai!!

Alia says:

if i use it to make short videos, you have any ideas?

Uricah Vada says:

Which is better for photography fuji X-A5 or Canon M6? Thank you! Hoping you can help me decide.

DarkVenom06 says:

There's an hair in his coffee at 27 seconds lmfao

Erik says:

Pretty good but did try to recreate Kai too much. I would have just taken a different approach. Not saying this new guy isnt good just could have done something different.

Statira Prs says:

SONY mirroless camera is hero in Cameras movie and others are second or third actors.

misbachul munir says:

I have two chose camera to buy. Canon eos M100 or fujifilm xa5. Wich one better for video and photo? Please give me your recomendation..

Sayyidah Nadhifah says:

what's the type of camera that you used to making this video? Thank You

David_89 says:

wait…did he say cat piss…! 🙂

Jeaf Gilbert says:

Does it have AF-C feature?

João Paulo Barcelos says:

The guy is actually funny. Dig the video.

Ariane Ong says:

wow!! this is a nice video. Not the review per se but the way the video was made

c j says:

Is this already enough for a campus journalist?

Greg Jaskiewicz says:

insufferable reviewer. Take the a-hole attitude down a notch, would ya?

Richard Ellingworth says:

Is that an enchancer mode I see at around 6:33? Is that for dodging speeding cars and photographing hungry alligators?

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