Fujifilm X-A3 Camera Review (English)

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This is quite different from my usual video content but I hope you guys like it, I worked hard on this. And I just wanna thank the people behind this video. Mix for giving me the inspiration to make this video, to my videographer husband Pol that never complain, to Gars for checking my grammar, and of course to Mitchy that could’nt say No twice..sorry for interrupting .i felt really bad. but Thank you for your 101% support and helping us film.! HOpe all the efforts is enough to win this! Thank you guys! PuSh.

PS: I made this video as an application to be the next ebay Australia Tech Tester. unfortunately I didn’t get in. lol 😩

*Disclaimer: I am not a professional photographer. I just love taking good quality photos and videos.

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Christine Joy Co says:

Hi po san po makikita yung fish eye effect? Sana po may sumagot thanksss

G'nece says:

So are you filming with this camera , when you are facing the front & talking . ??

Kinnce Hao says:

Hi is this better than canon 3000d?

Romeo TV says:

Can I transfer videos using phone?

Joey Judella Vblogs says:

Wow ganda nmn ohh ate visit kadin sakin 😍😍

Love Tanada says:

Thanks for this one! I'm still learning how to use this cam!

shadman al rashid says:

you are beautiful ❤

Kabz TV says:

Di pala sya pwede lagyan ng external mic maam?

Don Supremo says:

Hi idol.. thnx for sharing this video i was planning to bought dis one. Thnx for your short review of this unit.

andrea nicole says:

can i ask magkano po?

Peachy Mae says:

I'm planning to buy this cam but can I use this with a selfie stick?

Marielee Sabino says:

new sub here. 💛

Sav Garcia says:

What kitlens did you use po ?

Adell VLOGS says:

How much does it cost?

Adell VLOGS says:

How much does it cost?

Xy says:

Hi nice review.. planning to get this in a week or two can tell me if low light shots are good?

Maryland Dragonfruit Gardens says:

I'm looking for the best cam. Thanks for the reviews. New subscriber here

Francis sam says:

Is it also okay in low light?

Francis sam says:

I'm planning to buy a 2nd hand x a3. Do you recommend it? May mbibiling charger po kaya. Thanks

Benjoe Birung says:

" Bazic ly " Jkk

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