Fujifilm Instax SQ10 vs. SQ20 Instant Camera | Worth The Upgrade?

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Hi Focus Fam, Veronica here. Today, we’re comparing the new Fujifilm Instax SQ20 to the SQ10 instant camera. Let’s start with what these two cameras have in common before we dive into the differences.

First and foremost, both the SQ10 and SQ20 are hybrid digital and instant film cameras. They both have a built-in memory of about 50 images and a slot for a memory card so you can shoot till you drop.

When you’re ready to print, both cameras use INSTAX SQUARE Film, so if you do end up upgrading from the SQ10 to the SQ20, you won’t have to invest in new film too.

As for for the interface, the 10 and 20 have dual left and right shutter release buttons as well as a built-in flash.

Ok, now let’s get to the good stuff: external UI differences.

The first thing that hits you is how much sleeker the SQ20 is compared to the SQ10. The SQ20 is slightly lighter, more compact and, in my opinion, just better looking.

However, with that streamlining comes a few sacrifices.
First, the SQ20 has a smaller screen reduced from 3 inches to 2.7 inches with half the pixels; the SQ10 has 460 pixels and the SQ20 has 230 pixels .
Second, you can’t replace the SQ 20’s battery, you have to charge the whole camera. This is a huge pain if you’re out shooting, your battery dies and you have nowhere to casually charge this thing. You could take a power bank with you, but that’s less convenient than being able to immediately use a second pre-charged battery.
Third, the SQ10 has a tripod mount and the 20 doesn’t. This won’t affect more casual users, but if you want to take long-exposure shots this will be problematic.
Finally, the buttons on the SQ10 are a bit bigger than on the latest model. Will this make a huge difference to how you shoot with this camera? No, probably not. But it’s still something we lost with the size change of the 20.

One feature we’re relieved the SQ20 does not come with is the auto/manual switch. [point for SQ20] A problem that we repeatedly run into with the SQ10 is that when you leave it on Auto and put it in your bag, the shutter button gets pressed and you end up printing a lot of really dark pictures of nothing. Also, who is buying a Fujifilm Instax instant for automatic shooting if the purpose is to print later.

The last UI change might not matter to some of the more serious photographers out there, but let me tell you something: taking a selfie with an instant camera is awkward. [Riff on why]. The SQ20 has a built-in selfie mirror for people who don’t want to waste time repeatedly taking a photo of themselves which is also, let’s face it, kind of embarrassing.

The Instax SQ10 is barely in the lead, so we’ll see if the SQ20 can redeem itself with internal feature and spec updates.

Let’s start with photo effects. For those of you interested in mixing up your social media content, the SQ20 has some fun new shooting settings including a time shift collage, image sequencing, and frame grab. This is a big upgrade from the SQ10 which is only capable of double exposure and a few bulb modes.

Speaking of Frame Grab, the SQ20 now lets you film a video up to 15 seconds long and then pick which frame or frames you want to print. This is an incredible feature for never missing a moment.

Next, there’s the CMOS sensor. The SQ20 has a 1/5″ sensor while the SQ10 has a 1/4″. This isn’t a huge difference, but a bigger CMOS sensor is preferable and this point goes to the SQ10. The larger the sensor, the better the low-light performance and dynamic range. It can also affect resolution. But, again, the size difference here is so slight that they both produce 1920 x 1920 pixel images.

Finally, the zoom. The Fujifilm Instax SQ20 has a respectable 4x digital zoom. This is exactly 4x better than the Instax SQ10 which has no zoom at all.

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Edwin Ernesto Bernache Franco says:

Sq10 or sq20?

A. Mc says:

Well, THAT was confusing. Why would they remove a tripod mount from the SQ20?

HYPE KA says:

Upgrade and downgrade thank you next

Dário de Sá says:

I have a SQ10 with a bug. I can't get my in memory photos to my sd card. When SD card is inserted the in memory ones doesnt display.. how the fuck can i save my in memory photos now??

Pooja Lama says:

How does one get the "film style" frame printed on the regular white films for square 20? I bought the camera, checked out all the options but there was no filter for "film style" frame at all.

Guido Ahsam says:

why do all these 21st century instant cameras look so bloated? They have no style! Fat camears for fat people

Vip I says:

Thanks for the comparison! I don't think the internal battery Vs external battery will become such a big issue. If ur shooting over 100 polaroids per day i'm quite certain the battery life would still be sufficient enough to last.

Frederic Vittel says:

Txs for the video

turkusowa says:

i love your voice

sherry subervi says:

Thank you for this comparison! it was very helpful

Cheska Limson says:

If you were given the chance, what would you pick?

SQ10 OR SQ20??

I need your suggestions and opinions please because I want to buy one of these modern Instax like this

Janejs says:

can someone help me?–does this camera not last a long time? ive seen some places that it only will work good for 100 pictures until the battery is done and then it is over? im confused because i thought it was a durable camera that could last someone years since i paid 200 for sq20?

Andrea M says:

what a downgrade

Satan, The Skinny Whale Legend says:

SQ10 photos quality look better

Will Bain says:

Thanks for a comparision! But 4x zoom is exactly 4 time better 😂😂😂 What kind of statistic is that? This reads like a school paper where you ran out of facts so you just started making stuff up. There's enough misinfirmation in the world, please don't make up false facts.

Rubina B Noor says:

Thanks for this very helpful comparison! 😁

Dave Killebrew says:

It’s sad because the SQ20 is more expensive than the SQ10 but they got rid of seemingly some of the most important features and added some less important ones. As far as the button problem goes, slap a piece of tape over it if you don’t want it to slide. I have to do this with lav mics so my interviews don’t get muted by accident.

Nses 99 says:

i actually don't care about the quality of the photo, all i care about is to have the photo in my hand not in my phone

Martín González D. says:

Do you have any idea how many shots can you take with a fully charged battery?


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