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Download images from the Fujifilm GFX 50S here: http://bit.ly/2lQi0Pw RAW conversion is not yet available.
Hi, this is Jay P. Morgan. Today on The Slanted Lens, Kenneth and I are back for another camera review, PLUS we have Michael Bulbenko from Fujifilm ( www.FujifilmGFXUSA.com) with us as well. And WHY do we have Michael with us? Well, it’s because we are reviewing the brand new Fujifilm GFX 50S Digital Medium Format camera and we wanted someone to sit down and walk us through the features and specs of this amazing camera. And no, this review is NOT sponsored by Fujifilm. I’ve been excited about this camera since its announcement. And believe me, it lived up to my expectations.

After you’ve watched the review, check out the fantasy portrait and hands-on review I shot: http://bit.ly/2nqrSOL
Watch the video, go download the images, and let us know in the comments what you think. I know you will, you always do. 😉

Keep those cameras rollin’ and keep on clickin’.

-Jay P.

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Chris Violette says:

Really wish you'd call this something other than a 'review'. Whatever this is (an ad, product demo, presentation, etc..) it's anything but a review let alone an unbiased one. Disappointing.

Franco Bozzetto says:

One of the latest best camera with excellent lens
Franklin Boz

tosvus says:

I really want this, but considering the price, I wish it had 4K video.

F.G. Kaye says:

You won't get RGB Fringing from a Fuji sensor
it does NOT use a conventional " Bayer " Pixel pattern.

Another Fuji advantage, that they don't need the anti-aliasing filter of " Bayer " type sensor.

Joe Ees says:

And even in May 2017 the Hasselblad still only has 2 lenses available. But hey, you can get a free GPS unit (which is apparently not available for individual retail sale) if you buy before Dec 2017. Im thinking the Fuji would make a nice replacement for my D800E, though I'll miss the 24-70 as a walkabout lens. I don't think I've seen a MF equivalent of that.

Antti Pahkamäki says:

Does lightroom at this point support the fujis raw?

dsfaoreovetopretoeir says:

Thanks for the review! Can anyone comment on the 1/125 flash sync speed? I shoot a lot of portraits where I balance ambient light with fill light from strobes. Shooting with the 120mm, given the high MP count, would it be hard to hand hold and get sharp images? I suppose strobes with high speed sync are a fix?

Jonathan Clarke says:

OLED Displays not in the consumer market? I had to check the date on the video. Great looking camera for sure but to claim OLED as a defining feature in 2017 is ridiculous

pooleroes says:

The distortion with the Electronic shutter only happens in burst mode, in single it doesn't. I've had it on my XT1 when bursting, but never so far when single shooting. this is my personal experience though. It might not be the case and I might just have been lucky.

angelisone says:

Since Fuji will not make 1/1 camera for slr so they decided to make reduction mslr camera.
Some may not know Fuji makes lens for Hasselblad reduction mslr. Hasselblad abandoned the German lens, because Zeiss doesn't know how to make AF lenses.

Good luck getting this brick on the airplane when Trump passed a law of electronic devices.

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