Fujifilm GFX 100 Review

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For their review of the Fujifilm GFX 100, Chris and Jordan woke up at the crack of dawn for dramatic landscapes and teamed up with a portrait pro for a model shoot. Now the verdict is in. Wait… did Chris just say “Ultimate landscape camera?” Tune in to find out.

Special thanks to Rene Michaud (http://www.photobliss.com), Dana Martel (Insta: danamartel) and Rola Muhieddine (Insta: maison.blu)

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TheMobileMan says:

Comparing this camera with the Panasonic is ridiculous. The GFX100 is medium format – compare it with other medium format cameras and this comes out on top!

vr psp says:

the best review ive seen so far

Todd Dominey says:

“I wish this had a hybrid viewfinder switch”

Surprised this doesn’t considering the Fujifilm x100f has an Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder which switches between electronic and optical using a lever on its front.

Mz Feng says:

Chris produces more good photos on a casual review trip than me on a dedicated photography trip 🤦🏻‍♂️

Joaquim Gonsalves says:

People who think you can't use this camera for street photography are just fanatics. (Hate to pass judgement but this is a plaguing issue with gear reviews)
It's a freaking camera!! People are free to use it wherever they like as long as they don't commit any crimes. Get a life people.

AeSkone says:

I am definitly far away of being close to buy this camera but still I am mesmerized of what Fuji did.
Not by being perfect, it's more by creating a joy and smile on almost everyones face who is working with it.
Maybe that should be a major fact of future tests as well.
But that is just a side note.
With all the success of smartphones and low budget cameras I hope Fuji sees, thats it worth it to reach for the best to make even the X-Cameras even better as they already are.
And hopefully the IBIS development will show it's success in smaller bodies as well.
Hope they getting they Pixel-Shifts Alternatives done as fast as they can.
Only thing I miss at this point and wanna see in all higher price cameras together with IBIS.

vex says:

Jordan should get a raise for all the abuse he takes from Chris…

sami issa says:

I can't believe how underrated this camera is

kalisti2323 says:

DPReview are smart realizing you guys are the 'new' digitalrev. Keep up the great work, your style keeps getting better, professional and fun, very much your own, bravo!

ThePandaPhotographer says:

Now I want to see a macro episode with the camera.

B says:

Nice work guys, love your reviews

Albert Yang says:

Rene is a good photographer, but he needs to get off the Canon koolaid. The rest of the camera world has passed them by

mikldude says:

Wow , how is the detail in the pretty models eyes , cool camera , and cool landscape shots ,
just had a look on line in my neck of the woods ( Australia ) at the only listed price i can see at a glance , Holy depression batman ……… $ 23000 ish ……. body only , think i`ll hang on to my A73 and my organs 🙂 .

Ted Nghiem says:

This camera is gonna be great to post pictures onto instagram!!! Why are you shooting landscapes?? Only kidding. it looks to be an awesome camera and hopefully I can get one in a couple years.

Marc P. says:

Excellent Video, Guys! Chris & Jordan did it again. =) The Model is also way lovely, perfect.

Frank Luo says:

Look at the beautiful image from 23mm F4, I kind of miss the era of Mamiya7 43mm and Zeiss Biogon 38mm. Unfortunately no one seems to be able to make an adapter to make those gems work on modern mirrorless cameras.

Shawn P says:

What kind of file sizes are we talking about on this thing? @dpreview

Willy Lane says:

I really dug those street shots from last time.

Inquisitve m says:

This isn't a wedding type of camera right?

David Nyman says:

Chris, really lovely photos in this review! Thanks for the eye candy!

Kinagram says:

The eterna look really swallows up detail in the blacks with the video. I can't see the beards in their full glory…. I'm very excited to see the video about video. Thanks for the brilliant review

appleshampoo says:

0:41 Life of a GFX 100 user: too poor to get the windshield fixed.

jeffhalebopp says:

Viewing this on a 43" 4k monitor, the 2nd half of the video using the Fuji is noticeably softer with lack of detail compared to the GH5. I wonder if the Fuji is doing a lot of line skipping and the video downsampling algorithm isn't up to par? I know this camera isn't considered a "video" camera but I was expecting a little better considering the higher bit-rate and bit-depth. Hmmm

Tizian100 says:

Love your channel … great reviews and excellent quality …. greatings from Germany …

Miggy Teotico says:

even though its not for me, it definitely looks like an impressive camera. a huge step forward in making medium format versatile in more situations. congrats to fuji. also thanks to dpreview team for another excellent video. love the guest photographer and model. love it even more cause rene has minimal experience with fuji's mirrorless cameras.

Naveed Abdullah says:

Is there any way to set budget for YouTube recommendations

bird271828 says:

$10,000 just for the body? I could never afford it. But I love watching the review 🙂

Trond Helge Høie says:

I wonder, why have not Ken Wiler got his GFX 100 yet😁🙈🤣

9 Old says:

the video quality of this gfx is so nice…

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