Fuji XT30 vs Sony A6400 Epic Shootout Comparison – Which camera to buy

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Two very similarly priced cameras with very similar specifications, couldn’t have more different strengths and weaknesses. I would recommend these cameras very differently depending on the needs to the creator, so choose accordingly. Enjoy!

Sony A6400 Free Tutorial:

Fuji X-T30 Free Tutorial:

Sony A6400 Crash Course Training Tutorial:

Fuji X-T30 Crash Course Training Tutorial:

A6400 Cold Shot Mount:

Michael’s Training Videos:

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Table of Contents:

02:03 – Sports Shooting
07:14 – Buffer
13:01 – Face Tracking
14:32 – Low Light Focusing
15:07 – Dynamic Range
17:01 – High ISO Stills
17:44 – Moire
18:07 – High ISO Video
19:18 – Rolling Shutter
19:43 – Thermals
21:02 – Portraits
23:40 – Conclusion

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Sony A6400

Fuji X-T30

Sony Lenses:
24-70 f2.8

70-200mm f.28

Fuji Lenses:
16-55mm f.28

50-140mm f.28

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Shang-Hsien Yang says:

I don't think it's right to compare Fujifilm camera with other brands using the same ISO. Fujifilm underrates the ISO.

Secret Player says:

Nice video. I think you have to do a retest with rolling shutter as other comparison review shows that both xt3 and xt30 have a much better rolling shutter performance(less jello effect) compared to it's rivals. Fuji event flaunts it as their(xt3/xt30) sensors have a faster(1.5x) readout or is it just marketing?

Guy Jordan says:

Your lens comparisons are completely messed up. Full frame Sony lenses are compared to APSC Fuji lenses but the a6400 is an APSC camera. Fuji has the best selection of APSC glass but FF Sony's are a completely different experience from an a64300 or XT machine. Fuji may even come out ahead but your comparison is very compromised.

Muataz Alshammari says:

The Glass alone is enough to get Fuji

Simon M. Hansen says:

With your lens price comparison you are comparing apples to oranges though. The Sony versions, although the same f2.8 apertures, were designed for full frame (more glass=more expensive).

Michael Clifford says:

Is the blind test generated using RAW files output from each camera, or JPEGs? Are we looking at how each camera processes and outputs a raw image, or are we looking at how the sensor recorded it?

Anthony Martin says:

Awesome review! I’m going to likely need a new crop body and telephoto lens for wildlife later this year. I need a super sharp pro-level lens, though. Can Fuji hang with Sony in terms of lens
quality? I heard what you said about price, but I don’t want to let low cost draw my into a system which will disappoint me when it come to tack sharp images. I have wasted too much time and money with in that trap.

Asher Chen says:

Is A6400 a good camera to capture baby moment?

Michael Clifford says:

On the Sony, try using a Wide focus area when tracking subjects.

TripOver says:

Regarding the availabiity and cost of lenses … uhm eh … you compared apples to oranges.
1.) Sony has no really good crop sensor lenses. The same holds true for Canon and Nikon.
2.) Because you compared FF lenses to crop lenses … no wonder Fuji costs less.

At 26:37 you compare the 16-55 crop to 24-70 FF which on a crop is 36-105. So … not comparable.
Hence … for Sony crop sensor cameras there are no top-of-the-line lenses at all.
Conclusion : if you want a top-of-the-line crop sensor camera … Fuji currently is the only brand to go to.

TerroMin says:

Hi Michael 🙂 How can you compare FF lens with APS-C???
If you talk about professional use, so you must compare Fuji with Sony A7III, but you must notice that F/2.8 on APS-C is equivalent F/4 on FF and price of lens will be the same!

Sony A6400 for beginners, they don't need professional lens for 2000$

Themi P says:

Great, I like the XT30 more in the test. The Sony frames I choose were: 1, 3, 7, 11 and 13.

Rob P says:

Wow…77% for me on picking XT30 over A6400. Fuji was one I am thinking to go to from Olympus. It would be neat to see what you think of version 3.0 firmware of EM1 because that is one I'm think about upgrading to or G9 but with Fujifilm prices, they are impressive.

jrskeide says:

Prefer 11 of the Sony images, but I think the model would prefer the Fuji. Looks like the Fuji images has been processed with a beauty filter. Sony is more accurate. For me, it makes now difference anyway as I never shoot jpeg.

Raidenorius says:

Amazing comparison.
What AF-C mode were you using on Fuji – one of 1-5 or your own?

jeffhalebopp says:

Interesting. I choose every picture that I preferred based on the amount of detail on a 43" 4k monitor and it was the Fuji with only one exception which was picture #8 being the Sony. I wonder if it was the lens that made the difference? I was quite surprised by this. Also I am really afraid of the x-trans sensor with it's color limitations when demosaicing causing color bleeding between teeth and lips or maybe the whites of eyes being the same color as the adjacent skin. I definitely give favor to detail and just love it. But in the end I shoot mostly long 4k video so the Fuji is out. In fact, any 30 minute time limit on any camera is out to. That's why I still shoot with the gx85 and G7. I wonder how the 4k footage compares when pixel peeping for detail between the Sony and Fuji? But then again it doesn't matter unless Fuji in the future gives me unlimited 4k recording time.

PC oyunları says:

Very nice and detailed comparison. Thanks for your effort Michael.

gonzaloleviatanh says:

I prefer the A6400 lenses are an issue for me.

TVe200 says:

To use a 24-70 GM on a 6400 is not an option so the price does not matter. 24 (eq 36) is to narrow. Sony lack high end lenses for APS-C. On primes they are saved by Sigma.

soupnazi81 says:

This is the most detailed head to head I've seen and I've seen them all. Very thorough and scientific. Great job!

1. For the color science test was it done in jpeg and what color simulation was used on both cameras? I'm guessing the default standard for Sony and Provia for Fuji.
2. With both camera makers touting their eye autofocus, I'd love to see an eye af test similar to the face af test in the future.

Александр Зубашевский says:

Epic Shootout!

Noealz Photo says:

always prefered fuji =p despite the technicalities

Abd Wahid says:

yes fuji got better color

AcidicDelusion says:

Your epic shootouts are ..

Wait for it ….


Boosterman says:

I scored 12 out of 13 for X-T30 on the Portrait test. I know which camera to get 🙂 Thank you!

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