Fuji XT30 Unboxing | The BEST Video Camera Under $1000?!

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Today we unbox the brand new Fuji XT30! A camera under $1000 but with some serious video chops. 4k 30 fps 200mbs? Check. Some super fast eye autofocus? Double check. Access to the Fuji film simulations? Triple check.

I’m really excited to start trying this out and the first step in using a camera is actually getting it out of the box.

Lets crack it open!


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———-What Gear I Use!———————

Main Camera (Panasonic GH5)

Main Lens (Leica 12-60)

Secondary Camera (Nikon Z6)

Secondary Lens (Nikko 24-70S)

Main Audio (Panasonic GH5 XLR Adapter)

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1plainoldme says:

fuji straps some of best u can get.. nice video Thanx

Alex Everything says:

Really interesting camera, though for a $900 dollar camera that isn't a cinema one, I'd at lest would want a flip screen!

tom logan says:

The battery is the same as my X100F…. just checked mine and it has the same dent. Nothing to worry about.

Help at Home says:

It seems like a nice camera, but I hate the 4K limit. If you spend the money on a camera you should be able to use it the way you want, right? At any rate I do not use camera straps if I'm filming in the quote Studio, but if I'm out in the field taking photographs then yes I use the strap so the camera doesn't get dropped.

Matt Mazing says:

Xt30 vs A6400 (vs m50) pleasee

Daniel Daly says:

Did you sell your xt3?

Victor Aguilera says:

Test how long you can record by hdmi in 4k and 1080

Egor Kalenkov says:

The title is unboxing. l suppose items inside the box worth to be shown.

Kepano 808 says:

Sorry I will probably not be getting one. I already had/have the XPRO2, XH1, XT3 and x100f. I never take the strap out of the box! Have fun, it’s a fun camera!!!

Michael Honkomp says:

Mine arrives Thursday, can't wait. Strap will stay in the box 😀

RedBolt Video and Photography says:

Mine is coming in FedEx tomorrow!

Stavros Sofianov says:

XT30 or XT2 in sale??? :/

Flavius Zeddies says:

I hate the camera straps. Always have to put them of if I use my gimbal on my XT3. I use the PeakDesign Cuff it has a quick release system.

MegaWoodswalker says:

Way too short time record limit. Not for me though the other one is on my list the XT-3. Edit to say the video quality looks good.

Parasite master says:

I just found out xiaomi have a new action camera which only cost around 80$ …i think it beats yi lite and damn native 4k 30fps with that price…would love for you to check it out

Araiso Marketing says:

do a x-t30 free give away pleaseeeeeee

Tedesson Photo says:

I use the camera strap that comes with the camera

BD Gram Bangla says:

Nice explain. Always like to watch your video

Renan Martins says:

Please do a review of the Fujifilm XH1. This camera has ibis and currently the price is lower than the XT3 and you get a free battery grip.

Noah B says:

Next video the Olympus omd em1x vs the canon 1dx mark ii! Can't wait!

Akshay Anand says:

Do a size comparison of the X-T30 with the X-T3 and a couple of other bodies, then we can have an idea of how large it is.

Gary Scott says:

What about the new Sony RX0 II? It looks like a much better cloying camera. More frame rates, 4K, Sony color and a flip up video screen.

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