Fuji X100F First Impressions [Camera Comparison]

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Fuji first impression. Camera Comparison. We’re putting Fuji vs Sony in this video. With the recent hype surrounding the new XT3 Fuji Camera, there have been a lot of reviews on it’s capabilities and image quality. I had to see what my first impressions would be and have a hands on experience myself.

When I think of DSLR cameras I think of camera brands like Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, and Sony. Fujifilm and Kodak have always been only nostalgic photography brands to me. I’ve never really thought of these companies past film processing. That’s why I decided to give the Fuji Cameras a try. In this camera comparison I give my first look regarding the Fuji X100F compared to the Sony A7 III.

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Mike Kleinsteuber says:

The shit Sony menu system and dial placement makes a great camera unusable

Gary Diehl says:

I hate when pros say they hate the fixed lens.
Your a pro and you brought the darn thing knowing this so your the problem not the camera.
Just saying….lol

Frederic Kuennemann says:

Well man, I feel sorry for all the bad comments and thumbs down you got. Yes the X100F has a fix lens and the 7III not, but your comparison is still a very good idea. I found you video really helpful, as I have the X100F and I'm wondering about buying the 7III in the future. I see that image quality wise, both are very good, your shots show that very well. Thanks for the video man!

Depot msa says:

I swear by Fuji and love the optical viewfinder but to say that you can’t get sharp images on a fujifilm because of the film emulations and the leaf shutter is amazing , get the x100f leave the Sony at home

Craig Beckta Photography says:

I would love to see a video editing tutorial which includes how you color grade, which luts you use etc. Your Sony A73 video footage looks awesome.

Jose Anaya TV says:

What lens were you using on the Sony a7iii while recording yourself?

Kop Lol says:

Please do tl2 leica.

Tiago Silva says:

pointless … compared it to the xt3

Tiago Peixoto says:

ts normal Fujifilm x100F after 12 minutes off use on photograpy mode stay warm 'hot'?

Toby Maggs says:

you should try compare the fuji xt3 vs the a73 those are more comparable in terms of latest cameras and specs and more relevant .then you can do video , slow motion , photos, autofocus all in your test

Larry Dizon says:

the dumbest camera comparison I ever watched…the only cool thing about this video is the model… thumbs up for the model.👍👍👍

Will Alvarez says:

This is probably the most ignorant review/comparison I have ever seen. Sony has sharper images because Fuji use to be a major manufacture of film and can't offer film simulation AND sharp images? Fuji lenses are as sharp as they come, I would say only the zeiss and Sigma art arts offerings are sharper but considering how much zeiss lenses cost, how much art lenses weight, and how inexpensive and small.light fuji lenses are- Fuji is killing it. Stick to your sony's and leave Fuji's to everyone else who knows what a good camera they are. For what its worth, I do own a Sony a7iii as well. Not a Fuji fan boy

jkb462 says:

Just link to the damn model already…

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