Fuji vs Leica, who does black and white best? Monochrome blind test

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We’ve always loved the look of Fuji Acros profile on our Fuji devices, but long wondered what we were missing in regards to the Leica Monochrom original and Type 246 that so many rave about for tonality and detail rendering. In this video, we show side by side comparisons of the Fuji X-t3, the Leica Monochrom classic, and the Leica Monochrom Type 246, along with some film shot on the Leica M3 thrown in for fun. #fuji #leica #monochrome

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Fuji X-T: https://geni.us/0cZ6
Fuji 23mm 1.4: https://geni.us/ABFvy
Leica Monochrom Type 246: geni.us/BsxyxK
Leica Monochrom Classic: https://geni.us/IABXV
Leica M3 Film Camea: https://geni.us/F0J4O
Leica 35mm F/2.4 Summarit-M Silver: https://geni.us/MrEfyHw
Ilford Delta 100: https://geni.us/ND0N6e
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Alexey Dubkov says:

D the best, no questions, then C

NomeDelCanale says:

Ok but u metered wrong the light for the film, all cool but the bw film seems muggy and washed. Film is more than that sorry.

Warren Roddy says:

I found A being the strongest of the group. This test tells me that you can probably improve your black and white images more with a great low element, high micro-contrast lens than you can with a dedicated monochrome sensor. Sad to see that the film shots were last in almost all sets.

mikaelhiatt says:

not to blow my own horn but i called the leicas on almost every one. d i was going back and forth w the fugi

Guido N says:

Thanks for the comparison. I picked D for every single image, interesting.

Rashod Bacon says:

This was great! My two faves ended up being the X-T3 Monochrom and the Leica M3.

W. Harrison says:

I liked C best consistently.

By-tor says:

I wish Fuji would release a Monochrome sensor camera, say an X-Pro3-M. Would be sweet..

turningjapanese says:

In B&W I get better results on film than my digital cameras. I'm a bit confused by your results. My digital cameras aren't professional grade however.

klartext22 says:

Thanks for the test. Now we can all see how minimal the variations are. In the end it comes down to your special point of view, your eyes, your talent, the story you are telling. Leica marketing is genius, but in the end, 8000,- for a camera is absurd. It's for posers with money. And who really needs 40 megabytes per picture? Then you send it to instagram – and people see it on their cell screen. ABSURD!!!

Dan Remigino says:

The Leica monochrome was obviously (and distinctly) the best photos.

mrmarzo says:

I got B the most and then D.

Phil8 P says:

Cudos to fuji, but now strap a 35 Summilux instead of the Summarit on D (M9M CCD) and shoot wide open with a full range of tones and contrasts, will blow you away (and your bank balance unfortunately!)

cariza5 says:

A was my favourite who E was just rubbish.

William Gupton says:

I pick D in all da puc

Pavement fever says:

Hahahah.. i was all in to A and B, and what do you know? I’m a X shooter.
Thanks for sharing. //freddie

fatturnip779 says:

anybody know what mic setup he's using? Sounds fantastic

juan carlos taranilla says:

Thanks for the comparisons, for me it was ( doing a simple ranking Point system )
1st – Fuji – monochrome (23 points)
2nd – Leica – monochrome ( 22 ponis )
3rd – Fuji – acros ( 21 points )
4th – Leica – m246 ( 20 points )
5th – Leica m3 – Delta ( 14 points ) dnt get me wrng, I love film but shot with more light, contrast,
bit of smooth grain not too much for B&W and natural or pastel
colors for color film.

I think if I have the EXTRA cash not savings but EXTRA cash I would buy the Leica m9p just for
the experience of owning and shooting with it. but with the Fuji you can´t go wrong. Heck even
with the canon 5d Mark I, I can still get beautiful b&w and color shots.

We should Focus more on creating, capturing, documenting, simple and beautiful pictures ( moments )
be that of our lives, others lives or both that we can be proud of. 

Just my two cents, and yeah don´t forget to print your images hang it up or on an album later on in life 
you´ll know why. Peace!

M.A.D. Pursuits says:

Oly Pen F has much better Mono settings/adjustments/profiles and ultimate results then the Fuji, and on par with the true mono only Leica… from a Fuji Shooter; check out the Pen F Mono Profile 2 examples out there, they are truly exceptional in comparison.

Lee Hargreaves says:

D then B. E was last.

Anthony Magliocco says:

I have several Lumix cameras and find the Monochrome modes very pleasing. Sorry you haven't tested the GH5/G9 or GX9 which have several monochrome modes with grain options.

MING - Art of light says:

Great comparison. Unfortunately your shots with delta 100 are underexposed. This emulsion, correct exposed, is very sharp and clean. Nothing like you showed. But still, great job 👍

Andrew F says:

I’ve owned and used the original CCD Monochrom since late 2012 and more than seven years later it remains my favorite camera. For what it is, Fuji Acros (I use an X-Pro2 and the Acros+yellow quite often) it is simply outstanding.

I consider myself very fortunate to have both.

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