Fuji Finepix S1000fd Digital Slr camera Evaluation

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The Fuji Finepix S1000fd is a ten megapixel extremely zoom digital camera with a 12x optic zoom lens.

Why Buy the Fuji Finepix S1000FD?
the particular Finepix S1000fd is that little little bit cheaper than most incredibly zoom models. A big section of the reason for this particular is that it consists of a shorter zoom plus one or even 2 less features compared in order to some of its rivals. A positive of the particular Finepix S1000fd lacking each bell and whistle is usually that it helps in order to make the digital digital camera that bit easier in order to use.

picture Quality Fuji Finepix S1000FD test photos

Outdoor one (Medium Zoom)
The Finepix S1000fd grips the colors and more dark areas of the specific photos well. I feel amazed with the description showing to the name associated with one of the motorboats in the centre associated with the photo. clarity can be good too. Some details is lost from the particular best areas of the particular shot in which the particular sun falls on the particular boat.

outside 2 (No Zoom)
concentrating is approximately in line with various other digital cameras in this particular shot. With regards to focusing this particular is the toughest check out I run. The a lot more remote parts of the particular scene are usually smoother, but the majority associated with the particular shot can be sharp sufficient. I would certainly like to have noticed better brightness in the particular shot.

outside 3 (Maximum Zoom)
There exists the strong turquoise fringing exhibiting in this shot. This is accurate that every super zooms get this particular problem (or more generally violet fringing) to the degree, yet this picture suggests the particular Finepix S1000fd suffers a lot more than the majority of others. This problem happens in bright conditions, together with light coloured topics within the shot. This is likely that the particular problem is going in order to be evident even within smaller images.

With the particular lens fully prolonged concentrating levels are much softer compared to average.

Outdoor four (Building)
This is another picture I would like in order to have seen an impact lighter. In the tinted places there is the loss of definition inside the photo. In the particular brighter areas the picture is much crisper compared to when the zoom zoom lens has been fully extended.

Outside Family portrait
Working a lot closer to the subject makes for a dramatically concentrated photo. The colors are very strong, yet they do give the lot of warmth in order to the picture. I possess used a white balance setting of shady in order to include some extra strike to the colors within the shot.

Indoor family members portrait with Flash
The particular appear flash unit generates lots of brightness. This particular is a sharp picture. Perhaps some extra warmness within the skin shades would have enhanced the particular photo further.

interior Family portrait without Flash
Utilizing the particular natural lighting available the particular particular Finepix S1000fd handles to generate a light, bright picture. this particular works nicely for the darker regions of the hair. Noise is usually managed well in the particular shot.

There is usually plenty of colour within my test shots, without the particular digital camera going more than the top. With strong blues and greens this would help to produce vibrant scenery.

In extremely macro mode the Finepix S1000fd is able in order to get in very close to to the subject. This particular helps to deliver the particular bright, clear photo together with good level associated with detail. Actually this macro shot compares very nicely against other comparable electronic cameras.

ISO 400 in addition ISO 1600
Fuji digital cameras tend to handle increased internationale organisation für standardisierung settings as well since or much better compared to other brands. That is certainly the situation with the particular Finepix S1000fd. even even though noise is still obvious within the darker or even more shaded parts of the particular shots the digital digital camera controls noise levels a lot better than most digital cameras manage.

I are happy enough with all the Finepix S1000fd. Ironically one issue shot is the one particular where the zoom is certainly completely extended. This right after all is vital check photo for this electronic camera. I also discovered some of my check photos a little black.

Shutter Lag
Taking the one photo with the particular Finepix S1000fd clocked the reasonable time of absolutely no. 42 seconds. All my various other tests produced gradual situations. Five photos had taken nineteen. 63 seconds, the photo along with display 1. 68 secs plus five photos along along with flash 20. 47 secs.

It took 3. ’08 seconds to turn the particular digital camera on plus take a photograph.

A person can compare this electronic camera to other versions by taking a look at the Shutter Lag evaluation Table.

Style: The particular Finepix S1000fd is little for the super zoom digital camera. Like the majority associated with of its competitors this has been patterned upon a digital SLR.

Proportions: 102. 5 x 73 by 67. 8mm

Bodyweight: 325g

Batteries: Four AA electric batteries.

Memory credit cards: 24mb associated with storage space are available to obtain you started with all the Finepix S1000fd. I was capable of store 11 photos previous to the memory had been full. To improve the capability if the memory cards you may use {xD, SD and secure electronic high capacity cards| xD, secure electronic high capacity cards and SD| SD, xD and secure electronic high capacity cards| SD, secure electronic high capacity cards and xD| secure electronic high capacity cards, SD and xD| secure electronic high capacity cards, xD and SD}.

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Simpleness of use rating: Over Average. With the extra manual features the Finepix S1000fd is not because easy to get plus get going with because a a lot a lot more straightforward point and take camera. The reason this makes an above typical Ease of Use position is that compared in order to other, comparable cameras a person are likely to obtain to holds with this that bit faster.

Factors I like:
Easier in comparison to other super zooms — compact size to get kind of camera

Exactly where it could enhance:
Chance with zoom completely prolonged disappointing

If a person want to try the super zoom camera along with a longer lens, a lot better overall picture high quality and one or actually two extra features try out the Nikon Coolpix P80.

The Fuji Finepix S1000fd does most issues good enough, apart through taking photos using the focus fully extended. It actually is as easy in order to use as any incredibly zoom camera and is usually also fairly compact.

Front side View

back again Look at

Top View

trial Selections


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