Fuji Finepix JZ100, 14 megapixel 8x zoom point and shoot camera review

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I bought this full featured Fuji JZ100 point and shoot camera for next to nothing. The review is long but I don’t think I’ll do it justice if I shortened it too much.

It has several nice features. I like the two shots in one click natural and flash scene mode. It also has a easy to use burst mode of 3 shots in one long press. This is particularly useful for group shots where one person would invariably close their eyes. It has 14 megapixels, eight times zoom. The Fujinon lens is a 25mm wide angle to 200mm telephoto. The HD video is 720p and quite capable. The video format is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7. It has few manual options. What’s not to like. Long battery life ensures many shots will be taken. Very inexpensive as well.

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GATUTO says:

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck eu sou brasileiro eu não sei o que significa

Hemanth M says:

where We can repair
pls reply me

منوعات دينا Dina says:

انا عندي توأم الكاميرة دي

Nautash Batool says:

how to transfer files from this camera?


My camera is not open
What I doing

Saikat Roy says:

How to get background blur effect in this camera.?

darshan thanki says:

How to blur ?

enelra Viana says:

just want to know is this camera can use for vlogz even the memory card is only 4 gb

enelra Viana says:

I am so sad I lost the charger and I don't know we're to find replacement anyone can help me pls reply..😂😂😉

deleted channel says:

How to get the video to another device?

John Little says:

that's in Ontario

John Little says:

my ad
do you live in Windsor

John Little says:

I lost my charger where can I get another one

ItsUssY says:

how do u put on record mode on that camera

Jessie Johnson says:

I lost my pink fujifilm camera! It kinda looks like that one! One of the photos on it is of a little girl who was about 2 years old at the time. She was standing in front of a bathroom mirror & she was looking at me & smiling. She had kind of a dirty blondish hair colour & white skin & in her left hand you can kind of see that she was holding a little blanket

Mundo da Marcinha says:

the battery can handle making how many videos?

I buy one Canon Sx280HS ( good quality videos and picture ) but the battery die after 10 min of video 🙁

Matt De Maeyer says:

Hey man I have exactly the same camera, I have a problem. I don't know what the cause is but when I push the "power"-button there's a text on the screen which is saying "please restart the camera" but the 'window' does not open anymore and turning it of & on doesn't solve it … Sorry for my bad english but, maybe you have some tips ? Thanks a lot !

Omid Nazi says:

beautiful,, may i know how much did you buy it??

wtam69 says:

There's a red button on the lower right. Hit that and you'll be taking video. Or you can go into menu and select that.

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