Fstoppers Nikon DF Digital Camera Hipster Review

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Read the full review here: http://fstoppers.com/the-fstoppers-nikon-df-camera-hipster-review

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Kurt Magbujos says:

The novice will choose to buy the D800!

lucus lopez says:

5 years later and still selling for 2800$

Nessunego says:

People buying Fuji should buy this one. I will definitely buy one as a second/lightweight body when I'll have the money. It's awesome.

Luis Ignacio Hernandez Gonzalez says:

Should of left your hair the way it was

behindeachfilmgrain says:

Looking back at this episode 4 years later… It still makes me laugh out loud! My favorite! Hands down!

Cassidy Moore says:

Omg I’m dying at the random retro filters being thrown in the review sporadically 😂 love this camera though 🤷🏼‍♀️

Aram Kaptein says:

Hilarious. So funny. The best review I have seen in years.

Opportune Moments says:

The ignorance is painful to watch

theUKtoday says:

The Freddie Mercury of camera reviewers

cfagil says:

I am sure someone must have mentioned it; don't forget to cancel the indicator on your moped. Lol. Do enjoy your videos including this one. I like the look of the Nf but will buy a more functional Nikon alternative.

Emmy’s Very Serious Videos says:

Its 2018 and that’s the camera I want
I’ve had a D5000 for quite some time now, and I’m looking into buying something better (the low light capabilities of my D5000 are beyond terrible)

So I’ve been looking for something better, possibly full frame. My friend has a D5600, which is lighter and smaller. I personally don’t like it very much. I like a heavy, quite big camera. Something like a D750. That camera really appeals to me, I like the physical controls and it’s low light performance compared to my camera. I don’t really like the feel of very modern cameras

Raymond Chan says:

Still one of the most hilarious episodes ever!!!!

Rich Maher says:

Clever!!!! hilarious too!

Michael Zieschang says:

Great. Loved it… and went over to my FM2n…

Robert Walterman says:

I own it for low light use

John Duvall says:

So how do you really feel about this camera in 30 seconds or less? I couldn't quite take the 19 minutes of my valuable time to find out?

Izuku Midoriya says:

Super funny. Please make more.

My Opinion Doesn't Matter says:

10:55 ^^

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