Fran 8K: When camera reviews go VERY VERY wrong!

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I wasn’t going to edit this video until I had a seen a more advanced version of the upcoming Fran 8K video but sadly the camera is no more so here is what I managed to get one day back in February. It was a real hair-pulling experience. Enjoy!


Leonel Kaniki says:

Hey Philip Bloom, I'd like to hear something from you about the Blackmagic Pocket 4 and it B RAW sir. If possible, I could appreciate it. Humble request

Dennis Schmitz says:

putting Windows on a camera. They brave

Max Huisman says:

The final shot with the "vignette feature". Just brilliant Philip hahah. Made my day

TTW says:

Your bokeh is ridiculous bruh!! I LOVE IT! 🙂

amanieux says:

unboxing video + cats video, you'r getting into youtube channels recipe for boosting views 🙂

Tony Lorenzo says:

Well, that was fairly toe curling to be honest…

Kirk Vogel says:

Ropey as fuck….. This is the best thing I have seen all year! My cat “Fran” loved it. Can I send her to you to review???

Conrad Know-How says:

Haha, did you add the Steve Vai music to the video of them?! It's perfect!

Francesco Paggiaro says:

hahaha, how it is possible to make a so expensive and inoperative camera… now we need a new add on for the ronin: the stand for mouse and keyboard

Yusuf Kudsi Koç says:

OMG the cat is so cute _ XD

Michał Guzik says:

This camera's OS was a Windows? What the actual…

RunbenGuo says:

uuuhh!! I don't know why but this whole Fran 8k thing has stirred me up inside. Maybe because I am a spanish content creator, and I know there is a lot of talent here in the cinema, photography and video world. But somehow this kind of cheap, awful, ugly way of doing things of spanish people can still be seen in many many areas. In many other areas people just don't feel spanish at all, and that's why we all look outside or become part of the so called "brain drain". But despite all that, I am glad that you showed this whole story, and I thank you for that! I wish you more luck in your next reviews 😀

דוד בר סלע צלם says:

that was by far the funniest review ever!
philip good you didn't publish this video in april first

Milan says:

it… it runs windows.. o.O

SalComuna says:

Seems like an INTEL NUC is inside

Reef Patrol says:

We looooove your reviews!!! Like a new Nextflix Episode every time 😚 we call it teatime with Bloom … TV on sit down and watch 📽😁

Nathaniel Clark says:

Windows is trash, proven, I am not sure why they did not use embedded Linux….

Dmitry Dodzin says:

Can't imagine anything worse than windows on a camera, good gosh I'm a developer and i can't wrap my head why the hell would you prefer windows…….

mars GIA says:

Perfect for paper weight

Francky Studios, LLC says:

Windows Vista with a lens. That's one way of killing your brand, by sending an unfinished product to reviewer and packed in a terrible packaged. They don't care about their brand at all. Now, I do wanna make my own camera just for fun though, but I will go with an Android operating system.

BuildABergGroup says:

The camera is a Trojan horse!! They sent it to you so they can collect your dna!! They are trying to clone you! 😈🤫🤪

Darren Tarbard says:

Annoying music on this video

Cody Hickenbottom says:

I'm glad I don't have the money for this. I'm too much of gear nut and probably would've wasted my money on this. Thankfully I've dialed back. I sold my a7 iii unfortunately and went back to basics with a Nikon, but I've really been enjoying it while my wallet recovers.

mrsilveri says:

It wasn't as heavy as the original BlackMagic Ursa was it?

EposVox says:

Man, I was super hyped for this – but what the heck? Running Windows, too?! LOL
Guess Kinefinity is still the next go.

Korey Bartos says:

Damn. I commend your patience on that one. haha

SatanSupimpa says:

Philip, be pawsitive.

The Daily-ish Vlog says:

That final shot was superb

bsfatboy says:

Oh that’s where you would use vignetting, at the death scene of a camera company.

Michael Drowley says:

This had me giggling from the start. From the packaging to the RED front cover and then the mouse 🤣🤦🏼‍♂️ – imagine a client job, “hold that thought, just gotta grab a mouse” – just hilarious. I love how gutted you are that you couldn’t get it working and how long you persevered with it!

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