Foxeer Predator Nano FPV Camera Review 📺

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The Foxeer Predator Nano is here finally. This is basically the same as the Predator Micro v4 in the 14mm smaller and lighter case.

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Albert Kim says:

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💲 Get the latest exclusive coupon codes –

Albert Kim says:

💲 Use coupon code BGPredator for 15% off at BG

weeral1 says:

Can someone explain how we can have the teeennny tiiiiney selfie mounted camera on our phones that blows the quality of these out of the water and seems to be 50 times smaller.. yet we are stuck with tech that is this size? Until someone explains that I am confused.

Slick Fifty says:

Looks small enough to be whoop worthy

FPV ersity says:

Excellent review as always. I am really enjoying the toothpick class. I am flying a sailflyx with the geprc f4 12a board swapped in and an xm+. Since this board seems solid I'm going to scratch build the next one. In this class every 10th of a gram counts. It's on the heavy side and would be only be worth it if they get falkor image down to that weight.

Daniel Singer says:

Definitely don't like the stock setting. It looks almost like the racer nano where the image is a bit darker. But the settings allow for great adjustment

BrknProp FPV says:

Will you follow this up with a video after you’ve adjusted the settings? that would be awesome too see.
This camera looks interesting because the size for sure. Thanks for the video Albert. You are the man
😎🎮🤙🏻stay up

MC's Creations says:

Great flying and review, Albert! 😊
It looks pretty good, but… Still too blue for me. 😕

Dale Exshaw says:

Thanks for the overview been wondering how it performed.

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