First Look: Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II compact camera review

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A superstar reborn! With DSLR performance and Canon PowerShot portability, the G1X Mark II compact camera has arrived.
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Be the first to explore why the Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II is much better than the original compact camera with our first look video – presented by Lee and Chris.

Canon’s crown jewel of compacts, the PowerShot G1X Mark II boasts the best imaging performance ever seen in a Canon compact camera, making it the perfect addition to your photography bag.

Without a doubt, a true photographer’s point and shoot, the Canon developed 12.8 MP High Sensitivity large format CMOS sensor and fast f/2.0 zoom lens makes the PowerShot G1X Mark II the latest, most advanced and highest quality high performance compact camera yet!

Plus, with Wi-Fi, NFC and remote shooting, the G1X Mark II easily connects to other devices so you can share your images with ease.


SomKuL Production says:


Adrina The Great says:

Even though it crops the sensor slightly its still going to be about the same surface area as a m4/3 camera.
The lumix lx100 uses a 4/3rd sensor and also crops it.
So its F.1.7 isn't going to be that much faster than the F.2 on the g1x
The original g1x used the entire 1.5 inch sensor but was f2.8 at its fastest, so the slightly cropped mk2's F.2 lens is going to be a little faster.
I've heard experts say bigger pixels but I dont think that is the case, as it's simply not using part of the sensor.
It's not a 12.3mp 1.5 inch sensor, it's a 15mp 1.5 inch sensor but part of it is not being used

Gurpreet Singh says:

Bought this for 450 NZD. Worth it.

Corz Illa says:

the pop up screen is just waiting to break. I do not like that feature on any of the canon range.

Aiden Mackey says:

Canon Australia, more like Canon UK

vibrantclear says:

It's a good camera actually considering its minus and plus points. It has a bunch of features such as wifi and articulating screen. Yes, it doesn't have VF but we still can, as I did, purchase one, although replacing external flash place while using it. Bringing this camera along is comparable to bringing micro four third system (instead of FF or APSC) camera with several lenses. IQ is very good. I'm very satisfied with the pictures produced, especially in low light or portrait. We should not use this for paid job or studio work of course. However, bringing along for travelling is quite fun and selfie style articulating lcd is a big bonus. Cheers.

Outa ThisWorld says:

Which is better for picture quality and usability? G1X mark II or the Canon M?

scott moore says:

What has happen to canons small camera development team?

g16 = only minor upgrades = fail
G1x mark ii = fail
G7x = much better but still no view finder.

I hope the g17 has better specs.

scott moore says:

No built in view finder = FAIL. No "photographer",  as said over and over in your video,  uses a camera without one.
Great job again canon, you really have the pulse of the consumer.

F2.0 to 3.9…..Really…? Wow I am so impressed.
And on top of all that its 800.00

bottle2lip says:

good to see canon not stuffing just more MP onto a tiny sensor, and using a sensible pixel size to sensor ratio. Thinking I might upgrade my G11 to one of these..once the price comes down a bit

Bikki Singh says:

Hi! Have you considered – Pycane DSLR Camera Tricks (should be on google have a look)? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my co-worker shot some mind-blowing images with it.

BarnET0 says:

3 things

1. The lens is bloody brillant Pinnacle of enginering.
2. An 5 year old sensor cut to 1,5 inch isn't the best option Canon has.
If you have the Dual pixel AF technology why not put it to good use.
3. I would rather have a viewfinder instead of the pop-up flash. This is personal but i know more photographers that were dissapointed with no viewfinder.

Yes you can add the optional EVF but that is an expensive upgrade and ditches the option of external flash. If you want an viewfinder there are simply better options that offer more bang for your buck. Without becoming much larger.

angelisone says:

Can this shoot tethered using EOS Utility?

Lance Andrewes says:

I don't much mind the removal of the optical finder as I don't use it a lot, but am not so keen on having to use a touch screen when the current dials are so good. I think they should also have stuck with the way the current LCD screen flips out and tilts. Addition of wi-fi is a plus. GPS would be nice. We'll see what the local price is, then decide whether to "upgrade".

pwilhelmson says:

Lol, a real photographer is not so limited by gear that he must have a full frame…

BoxxyFan says:

Sorry, a real photographer shoots proper Full Frame. 


Can anyone recommend small compact digital cameras for best HD 1080p quality filming? looking for GoPro quality footage

ricosreallife says:

No focus peaking option for manual focus? That's the only (and very valuable) feature missing IMO.

mavfan1 says:

I'll buy the EVF if it's compatible with the EOS-M

S3ISOR says:

Nice video and camera Canon Australia! If this is priced right, I think you'll have a winner on your hands. For me, if the autofocus lives up to the competition and the price is good, I'll be coming back to Canon from my Sony RX100.

unprofessionalvids says:

Lens not as good as the G16 f1.8-2.8 yo!

Tom Visual Kei says:

wifi too,Nice !

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