First female to unbox the new SONY A9 Camera?? Sony A9 Unboxing Video

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Max says:

This are way to much camera for this chick, let me help you, hand me one of those camera 🙂

Robert Jung says:

Hi Susan, regarding file size of photos from A7rII and A9, would really like to see samples of raw files and your opinion of the new A9 autofocus vs A7Rii thanks for posting.

KingCanon says:

Maybe next video we can see it turned on!

Rohvel Yumul says:

so many money… wish i work for you

I.C.E. Entertainment says:

send it back. Sony cameras are all flawed like this, they sell you nothing for twice the price. Sony nex overheated warning sent, A7s overheated warning sent, 6300 overheated warning sent, a7sii overheated warning sent. 6500 overheated warning sent, a7rii overheated warning sent, so people after all these warnings still want an A9…..if a bridge is faulty do you still cross it? wake up

Marcus Jason says:

omg really???? 1st female to open Sony s9 pmsl nice try for hits but 36 subs isn't working. Try labelling it Another female been fu##ed by Sony marketing.

Down Town says:

OMG! the first female to unbox an a9! not just once, but twice! you go girl! breaking those barriers for women across the world!

jamesmiju cutiesexykael says:

btw i found this through sonyalpharumors

jamesmiju cutiesexykael says:

i want. so jealous

Pavlos Papageorgiou says:

This is such a click-bait title it's funny. Well played!

John Hicks says:

lol @ this title

Michael Mystro Pierce says:

Please get the glass protector for it. it's a screen saver 🙂 this camera is so awesome i have one myself and i LOVE it. Also the Multi Battery Adaptor is GREAT! Charges four batteries at a time, and you can run your camera when your charging the batters at the same time, also have two usb ports to run other devices. It's great! and it works with the A7R2 for running it all day with the bigger new batteries. Happy for you and have fun it's an incredible camera.


Two of them? Wow, you go girl!!

ramone011 says:

Seriously, people nowdays post videos of how they open boxes ??? I kinda feel happy not understanding value of it…

samiebuka says:

Congrats! First Female unboxing the Sony a9, award 🥇. Btw what was the deciding factor that made you buy it?

Luke Standridge says:

Thanks for the unboxing! I'm hoping to upgrade to the a9 soon! I never thought I'd jump ship from Canon, but has me convinced! How do you like it so far?

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