Fimi Palm Camera: Unbox and Video Test

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This is my unboxing and first video test of the FIMI PALM 3-Axis 4K HD Handheld Gimbal Camera. This a new pocket size 4k camera with stabilized video. Great for travel, very compact and easy to use. And also very affordable for all the features that is brings to the table.

If you would like to purchase the Fimi Palm Camera, I have left a link below.

Fimi Palm Gearbest:


Pixies Channel says:

Looks like a decent camera mate, Can't wait for mine.

VLOG store says:

i really love YOU #VLOGstore

Si Dodong says:

i like how it ended. haha

Parks N' Tech says:

Woah! I made a mistake by cancelling my order for this. It was just taking way too long. But this made me change my mind. I have the osmo pocket and the quality, atleast in my opinion is roughly the same. Also when you were walking I didn't see much bouncing up and down. Quite stable. Great review, Ron!

Greg Pittman says:

Nice review Ron and swipe right to get picture and other modes.

Dman 52 Drones says:

Really nice job Ron ! Looking forward to seeing more on the Fimi Palm . Be safe and well my friend !

birdman316 RC says:

wowzers ron the footy looked great to me!
i still need to test out that gimbal i bought a few months ago outside and such…
look for more from you with this lil guy ron!

Drone Life says:

Like, good video


Not a bad price for a system like this one. I did notice (at around 8:30) in the video when you were shooting the ocean, the horizon looked a little slanted to the left. But overall, not too bad. I may have missed it in the unboxing segment, but does it also uses an App for phone connection/monitoring the video. Did you ever figure out how to shoot a picture? Thanks, good job.

TDR Drones says:

Looks great.

FlyNS says:

Cool unboxing my friend! 👍

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