FILM VS DIGITAL, which one is better?

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Elijah Ford says:

Film is actual physical print on celluloid. Digital is a bunch of pixels making an image. So film will always be technically supierior. However, at this point, you can’t tell the difference.

Sergio Bolaños/Sergiob466 says:

You know the black and white negative and color negative have wide exposure latitude. Color slides has narrow exposure latitude.

Dusan Lietava says:

Veľmi pekná práca! Len mi vadí ,že vyrábate dreveného koníka z umelej hmoty a nie z dreva.Uznávam,že práca vo fotoshope je variabilnejšia a dajú sa odstrániť nedostatky,ale vezmite si príklad zo starších umelcov fotografov.Vedeli aj v mokrom procese vytvoriť krásne obrazy.Dnes ,keď píšem tento odkaz má meniny módna fotografka IRINA YONESCO.Skúste si vyhľadať jej práce.Vaša práca je úžasná a držím Vám palce a prajem veľa ďalších skvelých obrazov. S pozdravom Váš obdivovateľ zo SLOVENSKA

Familie Prinz says:

🎬 Makes-Treat-Thread 🇩🇪 Abspielliste Tips

msbrownbeast says:

This is not an accurate comparison between film vs digital. Not only are you comparing B&W (film) vs Color (digital), but the film format that you are using is medium format.
Why not do an apples to apples comparison? Use color slide flim (35 mm) vs digital color full frame

Fran Cho says:

I agree with some comenters… you could have at least do a comparison both in color and since you took the time to attempt such a comparison to perhaps do it with a digital body that can emulate properties of certain film profiles such are Fujifilm cameras or something in that range. Why potoshooping film scans? If you can demonstrate it is like retouching in the actual negatives like we learned to do in photography school then I will agree with you.

Dimitar Dimitrov says:

Film looks more natural. Digital looks more artificial. There are color films as well.

Aarun Al-Rasyid says:

can you share to us the color grading that you use on this video?

Fredrick Nietzsche says:

a green filter would have been interesting to use.

airscrew1 says:

When I checked the price for a 36exp roll of Ektachrome it was £14 (UK) Add the processing and scanning and you're looking at a small fortune for 36 pics. Plus 35mm film will no way look better than digital. I was a die hard film user until I got my Nikon D810, now I would only shoot film on the rare occasion I wanted to take my Rolleiflex out.

Terry Breedlove says:

Incredible how much better the highlights look on the films shots. WoW just WoW

Edd James says:

Same here I love film and digital, I have been using an RZ67proii for my film shooting but have recently picked up a digital back for it too. Its nice to switch between them both for different shoots or just whatever I fancy shooting that day.

Snooky Co says:

The Film is more artistic looks..and the digital looks just simple and typical.

Christopher Binder says:

Once you scan the film into digital it becomes an unfair comparison. A more fair comparison would be to use glass plates for the film shots.

losmatix says:

This only proves that you are a beast of a photographer. I think film edges it out tho.

Vinyl Spell says:

Film, but unfair comparation..

erika giron says:

You are inspiring, not only for your talent as a photographer, but for your beautiful personality. You are so helpful in sharing costs, how to do it, all your creativity!

Aesthetic lemon says:

You’re my inspiration omg

Vincent Stock says:

In the end, It's all about human factor that makes difference between Film and Digital, isn't it?

Руслан Абрамов says:

Thak you for lesson!
The photographer has a beautiful figure!

Jeff Tao says:

go buy a contax 645 + 80 f2. and fujifilm colour . then you will change your mind

Robbie Wong says:

I’d rather like to see you actually print them out for comparison. I am not sure how it affected when you scan those film in digital. But print them out seem quite fair, maybe?! What do you guys think?

fractal_force says:

I love you. You're the best

Loreto II Ilagan says:

f2.8 in digital full frame is a lot different from the f2.8 of MF cameras.

T Stelle says:

Try using a handmade lens as opposed to machine made…

Lina Hong says:

Hi! I love all of your YouTube. I wish to be so good in future in photography, editing, vision and to be brave like you to show your ideas and believes.
Can I ask you about your roots? Your surname sound eastern European?

Marco says:

Film is cruel and you need to know what you do, Digital lets you learn while doing it! Digital is costly to get, but its a one time purchase and than you can shoot for free for the time you feel it. Film is more affordable to get, but gets expensive with time because you need to keep buying film rolls and you need to develop them . Digital cost you initially but the price will be diluted with time of use and eventually becomes nearly free. Film is affordable to start, but it will stack up with time and the more you shoot the more expensive it will get.

And, for the environment, with Digital there is no chemicals poured on our sewage or on our soil with development, there is no chemicals on film rolls, there is no water consumption…

Digital is more green and lets you learn while shooting with no frustrations, Film is more heavier on eco footprint, and its cruel on you, if you don´t know what you do, you end up frustrated with a bunch of blown out or under exposed pics with no opportunity to repeat it.

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