Film vs. Digital Photography (+ Giveaway)

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In this video, Rachel shoots with both film and digital to illustrate some of the differences between the two.


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Our model Destiny:


Check out all of the photos:

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Just Right by Generation Lost
Conflicted by Generation Lost
Stay Right There by Michael Shynes



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Reese Sherman says:

How do you get the presets again please??

77 dead says:

I like the fact you don't choose sides.

xiaochmiel says:

Every time when i see this kind of comercials in themidle of a video I put thumb down… even if its good like yours

Luqmanul Hakim says:

I actually like the digital photos more than the film

Ondřej says:

Film doesn't have higher dynamic range. It has same as the hing end digital cameras. About 14-15 Evs.

leo Gng says:

smoke in the face of the model:
the photographer far away: wear a mask 😂

Mc Mcx says:

Film only if you're shooting medium or large format. 35mm is not worth the drama today.

Doc Waritsala says:

well that was a one sided debate…

Vishnu Narayanan says:

digital color format is still at its infancy.

Имя Фамилия says:

the film has a soul…

Subroto Banik says:

What font do you use?

Rueben Pizarro says:

Wouldn’t it better to compare unedited digital files to film scans

Weeb degenerate says:

I watched this a month and a half ago deciding which side i should go with and a week later i picked up a canon ae1, im happy with my choice!

bwvids says:

@4:41 why is the film blown out on her face?? Color negative film should have handled that much better than digital at same exposure!

MrDCB1234 says:

The film looked so much better. Any post work on them?

Bobby Brady says:

Typical misinformation regarding film photography.

Digital images are objectively superiority film in every traditional measure of image quality.

Nothing is preventing a photographer from shooting as slow and deliberate as with film. If you can’t do that with digital then you're not a serious photographer.

Nothing timeless about a film image. Film and digital can be edited to be as radical or as conservative as you want.

MrProgrammer74 says:

Sorry, but no, modern digital image sensors have more dynamic range than film. Other than that, great video, liked and subbed!

Diego Bustamante says:

This also goes to prove that good photos is a result of a good photographer not gear.

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