FeiyuTech G6 Plus Review: Use with smartphone, action, compact or mirrorless camera

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Rich reviews the FeiyuTech G6 Plus gimbal which can be used with everything from a smartphone, right up to a small mirrorless camera.

More information: http://www.feiyu-tech.com/g6-plus/

0:00 – Intro
0:47 – Overview
0:55 – Build and Handling
1:27 – Battery and Charging
1:41 – Accessory Threads
1:57 – Setting up and Balancing
2:53 – Joystick and Roll control
3:16 – LCD Display
3:33 – Follow Modes – Panning, All and Lock
4:41 – 180 degree swivel for vlogging
4:54 – Wheel control for gimbal (pan, tilt, roll)
5:58 – Function Button for camera control
6:15 – Start and Stop Recording Button
6:34 – Demo with RX100 IV
7:12 – Connecting Camera to Gimbal and Smartphone
8:27 -Smartphone App control for gimbal
8:34 – Motor Settings Adjustment via app
9:01 – Example of Micro Wobble before and after adjustment
9:48 – Shooting Scenes – Normal, Smooth and Sport
10:21 – Start stop recording from gimbal
10:44 – Controlling camera Zoom from the gimbal
11:18 – Discussion of camera control compatibility
11:47 – Changing White Balance and ISO via gimbal
12:30 – RX100 IV with gimbal – Discussion and Example footage
13:14 – Using the gimbal with a Smartphone
15:31 – Sony A6500 with the Gimbal with Example footage
17:10 – Verdict – Camera Control Features
17:50 – Verdict – Footage and In Use
18:44 – Price and Final Thoughts


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Miguel X says:

Works perfect! I’m a professional photographer and use the Feiyu-Tech a1000. The G6 Plus is perfect for the hard to reach shots over the pool getting close to the spillways and the higher shots around the chandelier! I recommend this to anyone weather your amateur or professional! I use all of the Feiyu-Tech products!

Down The Road with Brian Mallard says:

Good video! Thanks for the info, got one of these on the way.

vinnie li says:

I recommend this to anyone weather your amateur or professional! I use all of the Feiyu-Tech products!

Joshua says:

Such a helpful review. Thank you very much! I got the G6P now!

Owin Fernandes says:

The best reviews/best photography Chanel youl are the best / very good and fast responses favor questions

Owin Fernandes says:

Hey should I buy feiyu tech g6 or g6+

witt morgan says:

I like this gimbal a lot, actually best gimbal I've ever used. I used a tons of gimbals, but this one is the best for action cameras.

joeyroo16712 Fbj says:

Will this work fine with Canon g7x mark ii you reckon?

Malot Yabut says:



i wish the gimbal could connect to any camera directly and not with a phone


do you set the smooth mode once? or does it need the phone constantly?

carles carles says:

Do you think sony a6500 with sigma 16mmf1.4 can use itu perfectly also with the function like record and photo?

Ujas Kalimero says:

Any progress with the zoom on Sony?

Sly Sparkane says:

Just purchased for my panasonic hc-v380. There seems to be a learning curve on the use of the gimbal but your video gave me a lot of great info!!! Thanks

Lestat Lefard says:

Hi im interested in this small gimbal, but does it have dedicated pov mode like in modern gimbal so you can do roll shots without using the joysticks

One more thing do you thinknit will work with a6500 + sigma 16mm.

Thanks before.

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