FAIL πŸ˜‚ WORST Camera REVIEW Ever & WHY it is πŸ˜‚

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MrToonfish says:

What is the review we are referring too please ? I'd like to watch it to understand… Is that Tony Nrthp doing a review on the GFX ?

Split Priss M says:

Guess you could call 70mm film medium format video πŸ™‚

mavdb says:

I was fully absorbed by your line of reasoning, but started also to do some basic fact finding. I do not think your black/white condemnation of the dpreview is fair. Yes, they critique the camera for smt it is not direclty meant for (video caps, autofocus speed). However, I think the comparison with a Nikon 850 or similar is not as far off as your car vehicle comparison suggests. The analog medium formats (60×70 mm film format) had 5 times as much surface as the 24×36 mm film format. No wonder you got a different feel and experience looking at medium format photos. And way more resolution. The digital cameras claiming the name medium format (and offer a sensor of 44×33 mm, which isn't 60 by 70 exactly) only offer a order of magnitude of 1.8 (taking into the 2×3 to 3×4 conversion) compared to digital FF. Close enough to compare it with very good FF DSLRs I would say, similar to comparing FF with very good CMOS cameras. I would fully support your reasoning should we really welcome an honest 60×70 sensor with a similar DPreview verdict. For now I would say these marginally larger sensors really could be embedded in better functioning bodies, learning from the top FF DSLRs, since they also ask more money for it. And these cameras should refrain from claiming the medium format term (and its analog reputation) at all. Let's keep that reputation for the 60×70 mm sensors we might expect 5-10 years from now.

Longrider says:

There is a battle between ART and SCIENCE and because science is based on provable facts it will win, BUT AT WHAT COST?

Stephen Black says:

Typical FanBoy Camera Purchaser Response ….. Sad

Scott Souter says:

I think there is GREAT value in critiques of other reviews. There are so many Click Baiters passing themselves off as experts, it is a disservice to buyers looking for objective advice

through my eyes says:

it's big, slow and yes expensive

Jack D Ripper says:

As far as final scores go DP say, quote :

" all scores are relative to the other products in the same category, at the time the review was published. Scores for products in different categories are not directly comparable."

So, the comparable products tested are the The Fujifilm GFX 50S which scored a Gold, GFX 50 R scored Silver and the Hasselblad X1D-50c which scored no award.

Cars Watches And Matcha says:

People who use Medium format Know that this camera is one of the best bang for the buck medium format I was honored to test the GFX50R from Fujifilm And its a beast of a camera, Because FujiFilm made this camera priced so legible that people who afford Full frame camera’s are buying this medium format and was surprised that its kinda slow with mediocre iso performance which medium formats are not made for how they use their full frame camera, and they start to compare it with their previous camera which isn’t a Medium format and thats just wrong. as you said Compared to what

gaza4543 says:

Personally don't really know why your your getting you knickers in such a twist! they're wrong and right and as such and the same with all reviews! Should be taken with a pinch of salt . Their review is wrong in the way that they should be reviewing on a per camera basis (but then every camera would be a gold star). But they don't! They review to a price and what else you can get for the money, and in that sense their review is right, they're cameras out there that offer far more for the money (too the average consumer) with almost the same image quality and are far more versatile. Their scoring system is obversely based on a set criterium that they follow for all reviews and they have to mention things like video as it one of their point's they have to cover and the fuji fails on that and you would expect it to (and this is where there reviews fall down) but people want to know so they include it.Β 

TBH Fuji have priced it in a strange place and i don't care what you say they're trying to make an "alternative to full frame" there words not mine! and if they really want it to be seen that way, it needs to be much more keenly priced, at least 1k less. It's almost competitive enough to be considered when talking about 35mm in which case bang for buck it is not (in the eyes of the general consumer) and probably for the MF master elite too cheap to be considered worthy of proper work which we know not to be the case (maybe?) . And the thats "problem" with the review its a strange product in a strange market segment thats hasn't matured yet and the review reflects that.

Personally they made a mistake with this camera, For the type of photography this is aimed at, street/walk about/urban/ maybe landscapes/family days in other words its an everyday MF camera. With that in mind they should have released a fixed lens style version first, X100 type camera design "MF100" at around 2.5k mark and it would have been a fare better hit (especially as many of lenses are little unwieldily on it by the looks of it). I think many would happily run out and buy it, they could off added a leaf shutter and added all the little design que's of the x100 series and made it disrable product that many would won't to own. And this would have given them far longer to think about this release. Like the XH1 this is somewhat a beta product.

Chrono Trigger says:

Can you share this bad review they gave so we can all go make fun of it?

Chrono Trigger says:

Full frame users and fans of them, are elitist jerks and very hypocritical. You dare shoot with a Fuji xt2 or 3 or xh1 and they will laugh at you for not being professional enough using a crop sensor. Or they will say carefully hidden snide remarks like I love my Fuji for β€œpersonal work” but for weddings or clients I still use my canon/Sony. Implying Fuji isn’t good enough for professional work (in their opinion) they may back it up with statements like β€œwell don’t you want the best quality images to give to your clients” why settle for a $1,500 camera when you can buy this FF for $3k. But don’t you dare mention Fuji MF or any MF and suddenly it’s oh FF is good enough. I don’t need to spend that much money on MF. Such hypocrites! Suddenly it’s good enough. Whatever happened to don’t you want to give your clients the best possible photos? Haha pwned suckers.

The photography community really does have a lot of toxic people unfortunately. Lots of ignorance and misinformation out there.blows my mind.

Mark Osborne says:

Can anyone link me the review please?

Sergeant Arschkeks says:

The gfx50r has a accurate autofocus It isn't very fast and the h6d from Hasselblad is depending on the situation faster (especially low light) buuuuut the gfx 50r is waaaaaaayyyy cheaper which puts it in a way better position (btw I have both cameras here right now I can see what happens) the only thing is where that the d850 has more dynamic range and a faster autofokus and more lenses (all like the a7riii) and that puts it in a better place for many people you only buy the gfx50 cameras if you wanna start shooting medium format and for nothing else most people don't need it like me or many others I sold all stuff and rent it if I wanna use it.
But it's still awesome and cheap for a medium format.

Jamee Oliver says:

Arny Freytag said Hugh Hefner insisted that he use an 8×10 even in the digital age until a Leica medium formate camera came out.

Meng Shi Lim says:

Where is the link for this review?

Joel Doxtator says:

A review made for stock holders. Their primary concern is, can we sell this to the drooling idiots on Youtube.

ValiRossi says:

I didn't think the review made the camera look bad. Anyone in the market for one of those cameras will know why they are buying it.

joseluisphoto says:

It seems to me you have no issue talking about how the image quality is superior on your canera is in your opinion superior to full frame (which is a comparison) and yet when other facets of photography are compared you object to the comparison.

Alex Nikon says:

Fujifilm listens

The Gfx100 gets new processor, 5 FPS continuous shooting, 4K video 30p, no crop, full sensor phase detection coverage, IBIS, and more. Does medium format photography need it? It will be there, regardless, for the price.

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