Explained! Focal Length vs Zoom?

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MachMap says:

Nice explanation!

Mohamad Zakaria says:

really short but helpful video..

Eruner279 says:

okay, well you answered one of my questions. Now I have next one = what is the difference between two lenses with same mm number?

alborada777 says:

Clear and concise as always. Thanks for the explanation.

Caren Joy Gazar says:

Im a photography enthusiast and knowing the camera parts and functions makes a difference. .

Ahmad Auva says:

Agung hapsah masa kecil

Matthieu Grant-Michel says:

THE FOCAL LENGTH is the distance between the point where all light rays that are entering the camera converge to the sensor… NOT the distance from the FRONT ELEMENT as you state (at time = 0:37)… Take for example the difference in size of the enormous 42.5mm f1.2 Lumix-Leica Nocticon Lens versus the diminutive 42.5mm f/1.7 Lumix… BOTH have the SAME FOCAL LENGTH – BUT clearly the front element on the LEICA variant is much further from the sensor than the other…

Ankesh Dviwedi says:

Sir I am from India so i did understand your language if you would speak slowly then perhaps I could understant

SynthFrost says:

Amazing video, count me as a new

Michael Roy says:

I want to know if I want to take a photo of someone (portrait) then shall I move back and zoom or stay in front and take photo?
What will it effect on the photo?

Eric Cooper says:

Do you know or can you tell me how to calculate magnification using prime focus with a telescope? 1250mm focal length scope attached to a D3200 camera? Or do you know where I might find a formula?

Car Frequency says:

Thanks. Told me everything I needed to know. Quick and to the point. 👍

Wild Wisdom Journeys says:

The information in your short videos is very useful. Thanks for the clear explanations.

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