ex-iPhone user reviews Galaxy S10+ one month later

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Ive been an iphone user for the past 10 years, these 4 weeks have been my time with the #Galaxys10plus and yes, ill be keeping the phone 100%. Its just too amazing to let go. thank you #Samsung for releasing such a perfect device.

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MumMy Xx21 says:

The selfie camera is the only thing i don't like. In your outro doesn't look that nice. Besides that it's really sick

Sajahan Vincerio says:

Putin from iphone to Samsy boi

NightCrawler XP says:

Are u wearing a galaxy watch. You are booming 😀😀😀😛😝😜

wyatt0003 says:

Great video mate! How do you get more icons on the bottom of the screen I.e. split screen?

Carl Mag says:

I love my s10+, but I came to watch this video so I can stare at your lips, your eyes… ❤

JAYMIN baraiya says:

One of best flapship smartphone.
Samsung S10 and S10 plus.
Also 5G version.

Dollchuu K says:

Hi Mark! I just got my Galaxy S10 a couple days ago and I'm loving it! Thanks for all your reviews. I do have a question tho, have you had any issues with your email notifications? For some reason I won't get any alerts saying I've received any until I open the app and it loads. I've tried turning off and on the notification but it doesn't work. Do you have any suggestions???

Daniel Diaz says:

Did you happen to utilize the advanced equalizer settings for the audio issue? Was Dolby Atmos on? You can also set up a personalized sound by going to Adapt Sound on settings.

Partha Sarathi Sarma says:

Finally an unbiased and a neutral channel! Thanks for the amazing review.

By the way, is Brad Pitt your distant cousin or something?😀

Golden Vortex 16 says:

Do you guys think I should get the Galaxy S10 or S10+? Oh and by the way awesome video man! Glad you love it!

Samuel Mojica says:

Watching your videos has showed me that there is a difference between an "apple fanboy" and "apple sheep"

Erick Rodrigo Bojorges says:

I'm thinking to change, seriously. But what could you say about 3D Touch (it's something that I use a lot)
How do you connect to your iCloud account?
And you never had a problem with Android yet?

Harkirat Sahi says:

S10+ ad on s10+ review 👌

SimplyStimulating says:

What is this aspect ratio I wish every video used this

SimplyStimulating says:

I love this aspect ratio looks amazing on my iPhone 10s

SimplyStimulating says:

That’s cool

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