EVF vs OVF: What's the Difference? Mirrorless VS DSLR Cameras

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What’s the difference between an Electronic Viewfinder and an Optical Viewfinder? This video is to help you understand one of the differences between a mirrorless camera and a DSLR.

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David Sherman says:

Which camera has best EVF?

Agi Wojcik says:

just to mention that usually both have diopter correction for people with not perfect eyesight but if you are looking through an evf for a long time your eyes will tire faster since it’s like looking at a small tv screen from really close distance.

Danny Moeller says:

I've been shooting with a Sony A99 (Translucent Mirror) for a while now and it has the EVF which I have liked. I'm considering a switch to Nikon or Canon which I know uses an OVF so this was extremely helpful!

Tim Ribich says:

Very useful presentation

David Prospect says:

For a beginner that has never used a DLSR or a mirrorless camera, which do you recommend and why?

Shawon Ahmed Rikto says:

Best one ♪

Jimmy Lai says:

very helpful video, very precise and easy to understand, it will help a lot of photographers. the camera is only the tool to take picture, you still have to have good knowledge to be a good photographer. In the meantime, most of the people buying mirrorless regardless how to take better pictures, because its a new technology and its much lighter to carry around. that's the advantages to attract buyers.

Mind Fresh says:

Hi and greetings from Greece. You think the Canon M50 or the A6000 is a better camera for photography to buy?

William Tolbirt says:

Which is better if you wear glasses?

Gary Wagstaff says:

Haven't played with the likes of an A9… But EVFs in the past gave me a raging headache. I even took part in a study on "refresh rates" some years ago. Seems I'm in the 1-2% or so of people that can see, and react to, refresh rates. Older LED type TVs make me nauseous.
If that has been solved, they might be worth a look. That said, I've used 35mm bodies with power winders & "pro" bodies (or DSLRs w/ grips) for so long that I'm not certain I could use a "small" body for anything other than landscapes (& other tripod-centric) images. LOL Still, the technology is cool.

Eska says:

3:55 I'm just dind out that real time DOF doesn't exist on the EOS R. someone can confirm?

Mike says:

Do EVFs cause “retina burnout” ? When I had a camcorder many years ago with a b&w EVF it would almost blind me in one eye after a few minutes.

Brian Copeland says:

I shoot Canon and Sony. When I shoot Canon I like to see an immediate playback of my last shot on the back screen (easily done). The viewfinder, being optical, is always clear, so if I choose to not look at the back screen and just keep shooting I can see what I what my next shot is going to be. In the Sony, I can only seem to get Playback on both the back screen AND the viewfinder. Meaning every time I take a shot with playback on (with a few exceptions like silent continues shooting), my view finder is blocked for a couple of seconds with my last shot. Is there a way for playback ONLY to occur on the back screen? What a pain in the $#%! Sometimes I see my last shot in the viewfinder and I think I'm looking at the live scene and wonder why everyone is being so still LOL.

Thawdar zin says:

That's a very messy EVF. Lots of unnecessary info.
That's why I go for OVF. Clear, direct, and you use your own intuition to see the image you gonna get.

416 Dentistry says:

I shoot macro photography with studio strobe lighting on a A7III. In order to have everything in focus I am shooting at f20ish. However, since it is such a small aperature and very little light is going into the camera I feel like it is very difficult to focus. If I want to keep my aperature at f20 Is there any way around this besides increase the amount of ambient light shining on the object?

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