EufyCam 2 Review – Wireless WiFi Security Camera – Unboxing, Features, Settings, Video Quality

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Today, we will check out the EufyCam 2, a 365 battery life wireless WiFi security camera from Eufy. Thank you Eufy for sending me this system for review. We will do the unboxing, check out its features, set it up and check the settings in the app. We will then do the install so that we can check out the video and audio quality and run battery of tests and see if this WiFi camera system is a good fit for your needs.

I have reviewed the other wireless camera from Eufy like the Eufy Cam E and the Eufy Cam 2 C.

Eufy Cam E Review –
Eufy Cam 2C Review –
Eufy Cam 2C vs Eufy Cam E –

Here is the comparison PDF file of all the Eufy Cam battery powered cameras showing their specs and differences.

Eufy Cam 2 –
Eufy Cam E –
Eufy Cam 2C –

Shop WiFi Security Cameras –

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Olaf Markau says:

Your videos are very informative and realistic. Thank you for your work. Please test the eufycams vs. Reolink Argus 2. The image compression and the image quality look decidedly better with the Reolink. best regards from Dortmund Germany

daworm166 says:

are you going to try the amcrest pro hd camera? or the sonoff wireless ip any time soon ????

Kevin O'Donnell says:

What does the facial recognition do? Does it recognize specific people? (e.g. can it decide not to trigger an alert for a recognized face?)

Joop van der Duim says:

Great review, like always! Really helpful. One question though: I have 2 eufycams with basestation version 1. Very happy with it but I would like to add 2 camera's. Can I add version 2 or should I stick to version 1 only? Appreciate feedback as I can't find the answer on Internet. Big thanks from the Netherlands. Joop van der Duim

version 1

Elvin Fuerte says:

Can Eufy cam 2 camera can connect using Eufy 2C base station since they are similar? By the way I'm eating sinigang na bangus with kamote tops while watching this video.

Gabriel Peralta says:

Hi could you review the Hi security camera 3. Thanks

Carl Cunningham says:

Would you go with the Eufycam 2 or the Arlo Ultra?

kuldeep der says:

So what’s the key difference between eufy cam and eufy cam 2 ??

Xavier A says:

@LifeHackster the cam2 and 2c supports HomeKit now. The Homebase needs to be updated to system version I have photos if you like. I currently have 2 bases 4 cam2’s 2 2c’s and one floodlight. The flood light still isn’t HomeKit capable. Thank you for your awesome reviews.

Daniel Gutierrez Smith says:

LifeHackster i wana ask something, the reolink Outdoor Wireless Camera whit antenna has a good reach wifi, because my wyze-cam doesn't have good reach

Fauqz 2 says:

Can you compare this to the Arlo pro 3?

Mac A. says:

Will you be testing out the Wyze Cam Complete Motion Capture feature?

Kay Jay says:

Good vid- I'll be looking forward to the Eufy cams "shootout".

Gus Wojo says:

Do you have a review or a recommendation on a camera that could be used for a family member in a nursing home?
Which is legal to do nowadays.
Thank you.

steve scamman says:

so if the price was the same for these 3 which would you pick. E, 2C, or 2

sirsubliminal says:

What range do the motion sensor have? Arlo has about 6 meters. How about cam2?

HT_In_Da_House 23 says:

Hi Lifehackster what do you suggest is the best Wi-Fi outdoor camera

battistuzzijohn says:

I have google wifi…. will this system bother a mesh system? Can it be set up not to act as a repeater?

Darrell Huggins says:

does the non up-gradable memory in your opinion play a factor, wonder why Eufy went away from that? The Eufy cam E had added storage and then the rest that came out didn't.

sundance kidd says:

my blinks battery have been more than 2 years now and its still going for some reason😀

Silverino says:

Got a problem with distance. Example, thief at night stealing plates off of car. Camera captures the thief but the resolution is not enough to prove that is was your neighbor or a random person.

headamuse says:

Is the distance from the homebase improved in the eufycam 2 versus the first eufycam?

Martin Schwarz says:

can you do a review on the apple homekit integration? homekit secure video looks like a great idea on paper.

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