Eufy Cam E Review – Unboxing, Features, Settings, Setup, Installation, Footage

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Today, we are going to review the Eufy Cam E Wireless Battery powered WiFi Security Camera from Anker. These camera’s features are almost the same as the Arlo Pro 2’s with few exceptions and differences. I will be doing a separate comparison video pretty soon.

So, we will do the unboxing, check out the features, set up the camera, check the settings, install and do some testing like video and audio quality, motion detection distance and speed of notification. At the end we will see if this camera system will fit your needs.

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Shiv M says:

Hi, does anybody know if this camera's functions work through glass? I have two doors at the front of my house, I was thinking to keep the camera indoors between the two doors so that it looks through the glass of the front door, but I was wondering if motion detection would still work?

evh347 says:

I'm having a problem recently where my 2-way audio isn't working. I'm on iOS 13.3, microphone is on in settings, and turned 'on' within the settings cog/wheel on the camera. I push and hold the 'hold to speak' and I get the graphic that its transmitting, but nothing is heard by the person standing outside by the camera. Do you know why?

pablo marquez says:

Does the hub on this have to be connected to ethernet all the time? Or is it like the arlo hub where it works off of wifi?

J Flathom says:

Did you mention that these need a direct connection to your WiFi router? You cannot use a range extender. If you're in a small home or apartment it might be fine with the actual and trie 30 foot range of the camera. For any other application, it doesn't work.

Nash King says:

Awesome vid learnt heaps thank you.

EL JAK says:

Excellent review, I'm now going to take advantage of that Black Friday deal. Thanks

cameraz99 says:

With my Arlo system, under the Custom program I can set one camera to trigger another camera(s) to begin recording when motion is detected. Can the EufyCam do that?

spydermonkey212 says:

Just saw these on sale on Amazon and I've been debating these with the new eufy 2c. One thing that keeps coming to kind is the Wyze cams. Technically I would only need then for notifications since my Swann cameras notifications are kinda bad, but image is great on 4k.

kevin smith says:

I'm not sure why when I'm away from home and I'm trying to view my camera live at home is connecting to my phone plan data for me to view I had Arlo 2 and it did not do that at all I could just press live view and I get to view my cam live right away

Sergei's Adventure says:

I have a question do you know if the eufy door alarm video works with the home base as in the same app.

Chopperdoll says:

We have horses with the Nest outdoor cameras in the stalls. We leave the app open all night Incase we hear something going on. We also have the RING cameras around the house but we cannot leave the app on all night. Can you leave the EUFY app on all night!or day like the NEST?

Abit Soylu says:

Does eufy camE supports 24/7 recordings ?

jrcbfun says:

So on the eufy if the police want video, give them the sd card, and they can take it to the station for review?? Same with arlo? thats what im looking for, simple, not up to date on this stuff

John Boy says:

Ordered these cameras system today, Thanks for your great reviews.
I am glad I have found these cameras, because I was leading to Arlo pro cameras.
I am glad I didn’t , this seems to be a better camera and more reliable with great reviews.
Looking forward to setting it up and running, which I will be collecting it from Thursday.
Again, thanks for your time sharing your reviews. Will let you know how I got on with it.😃👍🏻

kenny yu says:

Without cloud storage , can I view the footage anywhere away from home ? If so, how does it work ? Does Eufy still offer cloud option currently ??

Michael Eaton says:

Great review looks like this one is for me. My only concern is the battery not being able to be replaced. Which means once the battery will not charge any longer you throw the camera away. Do you know if there's talk about making this unit with a replaceable battery? Thanks.

gaznic says:

Iv got a blink xt system and was thinking of upgrading it. Would you say these are a upgrade or not worth it?

June Nadir says:

Just got an email inviting me to purchase the new Eufy Cam 2C. I would love to see you compare it to the original Eufy Cam E!!!!! 🙂 The biggest difference I see is the battery life. Both systems (2C and E) have non removable batteries. 🙁

Rsarge1 says:

I was about to pull the trigger on the Arlo ultra until now, is there any system that you would get over the Eufy or do you consider it to be the best at this time?

Your PCMD says:

Let me add this bit of crucial detail that the reviewer left out. The Eufy batteries will typically last 3-4 years. You CANNOT replace the batteries. This makes the $180 cameras disposable whereas the Arlo, Alro Pro, Arlo Pro 2, etc. batteries ARE user replaceable. In the long run, you will spend a great deal more with the Eufy versus the Arlo. And I will add, I bought the Eufy and returned it for lack of user replaceable batteries and I now have the Alro Pro 2 four camera system and the video and audio is superb AND yes you do have the option for local storage – no monthly fees. You also have the option for cloud storage, again, with no monthly fees. Eufy has cloud storage too, but no free storage at all. Beware of reviewers being paid by the manufacture or receiving the product for free for a good review.

For clarity:
Eufy 2 camera system is $255 on Amazon. Each additional camera is $180. So 4 camera system would be $615. No replacable batteries. Batteries die after 3-4 years, buy new cameras. Local storage with volatile SD card up to 128 Gb/s. Best to use SD cards for use in dash cams.

Arlo Pro 2 two camera system is $292 on Amazon or $550 for the 4 camera system. Each additional camera is $130 (Pro 2) or $100 (Pro). Alro Pro 2 base station is backwards compatable with the Alro Pro cameras. Replacable batteries. Batteries die after 3-4 years, replace batteries. Local storage with USB flash drive OR USB external hard drive up to 2 TB/s. Best to use an SSD drive.

David M says:

Tried to read all the comments but didn't see any ask this probably dumb question. to view the live feed do i have to be connected to the same network as the camera or can i view from anywhere? eg.. starbucks

Iamcool Dunno says:

Does it only record when it detects motion

Vince S says:

this guy does some of the best reviews out there.

MyShitOnYouTube says:

Great review. Batteries only is retarded since it won't last long, just like the battery in your cell phone. Where I live the life span will be even shorter because the winter is long and cold and lithium doesn't like coldness.

ehum27 says:

Are you able to get a notification on more than one device? I would like my wife to get the notification as well.

E Az says:

Did u try the The Eye Sticker cam by Eye Cloud

Miguel Morales says:

When do these go on sale?

Kevin Lelonis says:

Any idea what the difference between the EufyCam and the EufyCam E?? Trying to compare and besides the shape, I cannot find a difference except price

P B66 says:

Does it work with HomeKit

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